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June 3, 2008

Nepal Gets New Leadership

The monarchy in Nepal has fallen. After 240 years of monarchy rule Nepal is not a republic. A vote has taken King Gyanendra and his family out of the ruling realm of Nepal. They will be given all of 15 days to leave the royal palace. Out of 564 members, 560 voted to oust the current monarchy.

A convention that took an entire day to complete and had the center where they met bombed reached the decision before midnight on Wednesday. The King did no issue a statement and he probably saw this coming after having to end his dictatorship two years ago after protest. Democracy has been in order for the past two years but the king still had a place in the country However, now that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has been in place for the past two years, thing have been different in Nepal.

In addition to ending the monarchy, Nepal will also create and fill a president position. The president will be the head of state and will be appointed later on. This brings the tumultuous royal family of Neapl to an end. In 2001 King Gyanendra was appointed king because his bother King Birendra and his family were murdered at the palace. The crown prince did the murdering and shot himself afterwards.

Ousting a royal family is a pretty high order. Nepal has done something that will change everything in the country. Two years ago when democracy was restored was a change but now that the royal family will have no place in the country, things will be different. Hopefully the transition will be completely smooth and no blood shed will have to take place.

Maoist rebels were able to win the most seats in the assembly which is interesting in a democracy. However, this communist base tempered with a democratic view may be a good way for Nepal to go. Having two opposing views clashing and meshing with one another can be a good way to create an effective government.

Judging from the bombing that went on when the assembly was meeting I think it is safe to say that there are a few people that are torn between having the monarchy and not having it. The ability to transform government types without any type of hatred or violence is something that the world rarely sees. Unfortunately this monumental decision may be something that spurs another flood of violence.

The other side of the coin is that Nepal may be one of the few places to make a smooth transition. Nepal has ousted the monarchy. Will life improve or was this just a stepping stone on the path of where Nepal wants to end up? What will the former monarchist do? It is so very hard to get out of the mindset of a monarchy after it has been ingrained in you for so long. What will happen to the people that supported the royal family? And what will become of the royal family? Where will they go after this turn of events. It is awful hard to stop being a king and reside as a regular person.

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