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June 7, 2008

Neil Entwistle Man Kills Wife And Baby Because of Sex and Debt

There is just no excuse for these types of crimes. Neil Entwistle murdered his wife and baby because he was unhappy with his sex life and money situation? Entwistle, a 29 year old father and husband had allegedly been surfing the Internet for escort services and was running out of money for bills. After he shot his wife and daughter he bought a one way ticket back to his native England.

It is believed that Entwistle drove 40 miles to his in-laws to get the gun. He then allegedly went back to his home and shot his wife and child in their sleep. Then he covered them up with a comforter and drove the 40 miles again to return the gun. The gun has been said to be locked in a cabinet in the bedroom at Joseph and Priscilla Matterazzo’s, Enwistle’s in-laws, house. Apparently Enwistle had gone target shooting with his father-in-law in the past.

Enwistle’s DNA was discovered on the ammunition container, gun lock and grip of the handgun. Rachel Entwistle’s DNA, the woman murdered in her sleep, was found on the muzzle of the gun. No cases are open and shut but it sounds like investigators have some decent evidence in this one.

There is a way out of a marriage that is not working. Although divorce may be harsh and unpleasant, it is better than murder. At least with a divorce your child and former spouse who you once loved, hopefully, are out there in the world. You can still watch your child grow up even though you may not be around as much as you’d like to be. You can still have your freedom without the guilt of two dead people on your hands. Really there are just so many other alternatives to murdering your family.

It seems that many people are taking marriage a little lightly these days. Getting married is a very, very serious deal and you should be sure before you walk down that aisle. The fleeting elation you feel when you are first in love will fade. That is why you better be sure that there is more than just infatuation there. I don’t know what happened in this marriage or how the love died, assuming there was some there at one time, but there was a better way to end it.

A husband killing a wife and child is not at all uncommon these days. Unfortunately, it seems as if it is on the rise. It is scary to think that marriage feels so restraining to some that they feel like murder is the only way out. It will be interesting to find out what Entwistle has to say for himself and what his defense will be. Husbands that kill their wives tend to get weak sentences in my view. The argument that it was a crime of passion, thus a bit justifiable is just plain rubbish. If you are cold and calculating, your actions are premeditated and you should be punished accordingly.

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