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July 18, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Calls Bush a Total Failure

Some observations go without saying but occasionally, it is okay when people point them out. After President Bush made a speech about the failure of Congress, the Speaker of the House came out and responded to the accusations.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made an accurate observation of the president of the United States. The president of the United States is in charge of an ailing nation that is completely fed up with his lack of knowledge and skills.

The legacy that President George W. Bush is leaving is one that is nothing to be proud of. His ignorance of the international world has long been a sore spot but now the man is completely oblivious to the concerns and cares of the people that live in the country that he is the president of.

The other day, as the naïve president discussed the economy, saying that it was doing better, a reporter asked him about his statement that four dollar gas would not happen. What was this unskilled man’s response? He asked the reporter how much gas was at this time. The president of the United States does not know the price of gas which is one of the main reasons why all U.S. automakers are struggling to move hung SUV’s. This is an outrage and more proof that Bush is totally incompetent.

Bush decided to criticize Congress for not being active during the legislative term a couple of days ago. Of course, Congress is terrible but Bush is much worse. I often think that Bush can only exist in his blissful little world by not seeing the mess he has made of the country. He seems to have blinder on whenever he speaks in public.

At this point the government of the United States is a complete disaster. No one in the government should be pointing fingers at anyone else. Instead, what they should be doing is trying to find a way to make the government better. The bickering that goes on within the government only further makes Congress and the president look more stupid.

The future of the United States is hanging in the balance. The election that is coming up will be one of the most important ones in the history of the country. Choosing the wrong candidate could cause further downfalls. Before anyone goes to a polling booth, it is so important to remember that this next president has to be strong.

Energy and the economy are two of the big issues that are driving the troubles in the United States. However, the issue that many citizens are fed up with are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The drain of the wars mixed with the other two major issues are fueling great dissatisfaction in the public. The battle over offshore drilling has heated up recently. The battle over foreign labor in the country is also an issue. These and many other issues are at the forefront of so many American’s minds. The lack of competence of Congress and the president has already been proven.

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