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February 26, 2011

Myanmar`s Denial Of Aide Creates Great Interest In Their Country

Before the cyclone hit Myanmar, the country was little more than a strip of land on my National Geographic map. I like maps and I used to have a map of Southeast Asia on my wall so I noticed that in parenthesis underneath Myanmar there was the name Burma. Until a couple of days ago, I did not know that much about the country. Bits and pieces of information floated around in my brain, but really, it just was not on my radar.

I am rather fascinated with the world and have a knack for staying on top of international information. As a child I diligently studied maps and learned the capitals of every country in the world, just for fun. As an adult, I am still draw to information and have a great curiosity about other cultures and countries abroad. These hobbies or endeavors do not make me smarter than anyone else, just a bit more curious about the world outside the United States. With that said, if I was not paying much attention to Myanmar before the cyclone, I know that a fair amount of my comrades were not either. For the past week, Myanmar has been in the headlines on a repeated basis. I now know more about the country than I ever wanted to, or have before.

This is due to the fact that there was a cyclone in Myanmar last weekend that wrecked the country. The aftermath of the disaster has been handled poorly by the reclusive government that is reportedly afraid of hostile take over from foreigners. So, instead of letting aide come in from other countries, Myanmar will not approve visas for aide workers to enter the country.

I could understand this a little bit better if Myanmar had certain countries that they were leery of and did not allow aide and aide workers from those places into the country. I mean, the United States is typically an unpopular country in many places so if they said that U.S. workers and aide were not wanted, fine. But the two planes that the government supposedly stopped were from the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh. It is reported that the Red Cross was able to land without delay in Myanmar but really, at this point, if you were running Myanmar, where people are dying and the medical supplies is reported to be very basic, wouldn’t you take all of the help you could get?

Also, by denying international aide, Myanmar has created an interest in their country. If seclusion was what this country wanted, they should have swiftly moved the aide into their country and the world would have moved on. Conflict makes news reports. People are interested in why Myanmar is stopping international aide. Before the cyclone Myanmar was not one of the most searched items on the Internet but it is now. Friends of mine that can not find our countries’ capital on a map now know where Myanmar is. They know all types of bits of info about the country and they are clamoring to find out more about the place. The entire world is curious about what Myanmar is trying to hide from us.

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