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August 14, 2011

Mugabe Stalls Zimbabwe’s Progress And Throws Out Insults

Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe who refuses to give up his office even after an election, has emerged to throw out insults and discourage international invention in next month’s run off election. This man who said that Jendavi Frazer was traveling around the world like a prostitute has ruled Zimbabwe for decades. Election results that were delivered a month after votes were cast mysteriously were showed inconclusive results. Now a run off election is scheduled and the opposition leader, who has had death threats leveled against him, has returned to Zimbabwe. Hopefully he will live to see the run off election results.

Mugabe seems to be stuck on separatist, racist ideas. He makes the point that Zimbabwe is not an extension of Britain or America which is true but what exactly does that mean? Does that mean that elections can not be held properly in Zimbabwe? Does that mean that elections can not be democratic in Zimbabwe because the past election certainly was not democratic at all.

There have been rumors that supporters of the opposition have been murdered by Mugabe supporters. Over the years much blood shed and racial tensions have been blamed on Mugabe’s rule. The March 29th election looked like it was going to be one that would final get Mugabe out of power. In the weeks that ensued after the election the results went unstated. When they were released, neither candidate was shown to have gotten the majority of the votes.

In the weeks since the election supporters of the opposition have been turning up dead and missing. It is not that far of a jump to suspect that the deaths of these people may be tied in with the political going-ons in the country. Of course there is nothing official to point to that because the man that would be implicated in these killings and kidnappings is the president.

Calling the ambassador a prostitute is just another show of arrogance by Mugabe. He now sees that he will be able to manipulate the run off election and keep himself in power for a longer period of time. The world can only do so much but what is happening in Zimbabwe is an atrocity. Someone should step in do something but that would mean war because Mugabe is not going down without a fight. That would mean war and the world does not need another one of those.

The results of the run off election may never truly be seen. We will probably hear the predictable results weeks after the votes are in. Mugabe is doing a great disserve to his country. If he truly cared about Zimbabwe he would let the country move on and stop trying to steal the election. It looked like the opposition was going to win the election. It does not take a genius to figure out why the results took so long to come out and why they were inconclusive. The future of Zimbabwe seems very uncertain at this point. A true leader would allow the country to move forward even if those moves did not include him.

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