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June 9, 2009

Movie review – The Hangover

It’s nice to know that after nearly 6 years of blissful togetherness, we haven’t lost the ritual of the Friday night date. This week we decided to go out for dinner (Casey’s – I love their club sandwich!) and go to see the new film “The Hangover.” Having seen many advertisements for it lately, I was unsure what the result would be: sometimes a movie looks really great, until you realize all the funniest parts are in the trailers, and what’s left is not worth paying for. Thankfully, with “The Hangover,” this was NOT the case.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, let me fill you in: Four guys (3 groomsmen and the groom) head to Las Vegas for one last “wild night” before Doug  (Justin Bartha) ties the knot and, obstensibly, loses his freedom and ability to enjoy himself, permanently. However, the guys’ awesome night out turns into a night of mayhem, blackouts, missing teeth, hospital visits, exotic cats, a surprise marriage proposal, that mean Asian doctor from “Knocked Up,” and about 10,000 other strange things…not to mention that Doug, the groom, ends up AWOL and no one can remember where they last saw him. Will they find Doug and make it home in time to get him hitched to the ball & chain? You probably already know the answer to that, but it’s the journey that makes this film so ridiculously funny.

Let me be perfectly clear to this: From the very beginning to the very end of this film, there was only ONE moment where my reaction was, “wow, that’s alarmingly inappropriate” instead of laughing hysterically; go see the movie, you’ll see what part I’m talking about. That part aside, there is NOTHING not funny about this movie. The three groomsmen are absolutely priceless: super-hottie Bradley Cooper plays Phil – kind of slick, kind of cool, kind of (but not really) trying to talk Doug out of getting married and looking good the whole time. Ed Helms plays Stu – slightly spineless, dating the woman from hell, generally a good guy in need of a severe wake-up call, Vegas style. The crowning glory of the groomsmen? Alan Garner, played by Zach Galifianakis: kind of “different,” doesn’t seem to have much of a brain filter, and definitely steals this entire show. Watch for appearances by Mike Tyson, Ken Jeong, and Heather Graham – in fact, the only thing missing from this movie was an appearance by either Seth Rogan or Will Farrell, but I guess there is no such thing as a “perfect” film, right? Oh well.

Essentially, it comes down to this: If you enjoyed “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Old School,” “Superbad,” and/or “Knocked Up,” then this is the film for you. If you enjoy gratuitous nudity (dudes included), base humour and being entertained without having to think too much, then this is the film for you. (If you enjoy culture, high-class humour and seriousness, then you should probably find something else to watch, sorry.) Grab some friends, relax, and get ready to laugh from start to finish. This film is definitely going to be the sleeper hit of the summer – you heard it here first, my friends, watch and see.

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