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July 7, 2008

Morgan Tsvangirai Is Trapped

Although Robert Mugabe claims that Morgan Tsvangirai is not in danger we all know that he is. Tsvangirai is pretty much stuck in an embassy at this time. He can not flee to another country, such as neighboring South Africa or most of the other African nations around because of Mugabe’s close relationship with the leaders. Mugabe has served as a role model for many African leaders who grew up aware of him being the only ruler of a country that once was known as the breadbasket of the continent. Even though he has become a tyrant, there is history there and there is great respect for him around Africa.

Today at the African Union Mugabe was treated with respect and favored amongst other leaders from around the continent. Mugabe only felt a bit of heat from Kenya’s leader who continues to encourage outside intervention. However, inside of Africa, leaders seem to be alight with the methods that Mugabe used to get people to vote for him. Some voters were taken to the poles at gun point and others were scared away from the poles with threats of violence.

While the Western world is ready to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe due to Mugabe’s election strategies, Zimbabwe’s major trade partners are not that concerned with reprimanding Mugabe. In fact, China come out and said they were opposed to applying sanctions to Zimbabwe. Of course, this is coming from China where human rights are not always at the forefront. South Africa and Russia, two of Zimbabwe’s other major trade partners also are unlikely to condemn Mugabe’s unfair elections tactics.

What is to become of Tsvangirai? He has been denied a passport so leaving the country is not going to be easy. He also will likely be in danger every time e leaves that Dutch embassy. It looks like asylum is the best choice for Tsvangirai. However, it seems like he is still trying to do good things for Zimbabwe, encouraging African leaders to help Zimbabwe transition to a democracy. He is positive and optimistic but really, I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one. I think, as bad as it may sound, that Mugabe will have to die to not be the president. Also, as long as Tsvangirai is in Zimbabwe, he is in trouble. He should make some arrangements to get out. Ask for asylum and go somewhere else because it is clear that Zimbabwe is not ready for his type of leadership.

It is always unfortunate when a man that is trying to change the circumstances of his surroundings for the better is shut down. It is very sad that other African leaders are not willing to stand up to Mugabe and get the nostalgia out of their eyes. It is important to see the negative things that a friend or hero does. Mugabe has meat a lot to Africa, this is true, but wrong is wrong and he has participated in quite a few inappropriate acts. From reversing the racism in Zimbabwe to this sham of an election. Someone in African needs to stand up and speak out. Mugabe needs to head that he is wrong from his peers.

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