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May 19, 2008

More Unsafe Meat Is Recalled

Food recalls seem to be popping up on a regular basis these days. Yet another beef manufacturer has put out a recall because of an E.coli scare. I have not eaten beef for some time now. Not because of the recall but because occasionally I take a break from meat all together. The more recalls that go out, the more I think about making that hiatus permanent.

It seems that one recall would encourage manufacturers to make sure that health and safety standards are being met. I know it is hard to monitor what is happening in large beef factories but whatever the cost may be it seems that it would be worth it. The last beef manufacturer to produce recalled beef was shut down due to the massive recall. Having all of the necessary safety provisions in place may cost companies more money but at least they would be able to remain open. It really only takes one recall for consumers to stay away from your products.

I am curious as to what some of the beef products that are being recalled. What are “Boneless Clods” and “Gooseneck Rounds” anyway? While I wonder what these products are I also am curious about what the price range is for these products. With food prices being so high, if these products were low priced many consumers may be effected by this recall. Apparently 11 US states received shipment from JSM Meat Holding Company and the tainted meat was used in several different products.

Among the meat effected in this recall are the 30 and 60 pound boxes and 47 gallon barrels of beef products labeled “MORREALE MEAT”. No one has reported symptoms of E.coli but the disease can be deadly. Not to mention if the symptoms are mild you probably would miss the infection all together.

The safety of the food and medicine products that we use everyday should be one of the highest priorities of the government. However, it seems that the government is negligent in securing these vital areas. The FDA is still withholding the names of companies in China that produced tainted doses of the drug Heparin that killed close to a hundred people. Recalls of food are issued every few weeks and the massive beef recall that was issued a few months ago included meat that had been consumed years before. This trend is alarming and should be taken seriously.

There is no sure way to know what you are getting when you are buying food. The best you can do is buy higher quality cuts of meat and go with organic products. Even then there are no guarantees but there seem to be much fewer problems with organic products. If possible buy close to home and know where your meat and produce are coming from. Take advantage of local farmers and pay attention to the meat you cook. When you cook it opt for a higher temperature. I know that many people enjoy a rare steak now and then but is it really worth the risk? Kill as many bacteria and germs as possible before you eat beef.

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