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September 3, 2008

More Hurricanes Stir Up In The Atlantic

After evacuating because of Hurricane Gustav, residents of gulf coast states have been told to stay put. That is because three new storms are swirling in the Atlantic. At this time Tropical Storm Hanna is tearing through the Bahamas. Two other tropical storms have also formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Leaving residents in the Bahamas in a constant take cover state.

Tropical Storm Josephine is also roaring into formation off of the coast of Africa on Tuesday. While this particular storm is not expected to hit landfall, it is still a strong force out in the Atlantic.

Hanna was a category 1 hurricane earlier in the day but was downgraded to a tropical storm. The storm was passing over the southern half of Bahamas Tuesday after making it’s way through Haiti. Ten people in Haiti were killed and two in Puerto Rico, including at least one university student. The southeastern United States may also see Hanna hit landfall by the end of the week.

Some residents of the Bahamas have left for higher, non island ground, but many have stayed behind. The majority of tropical storms just skirt Great Inagua Island but this time it may see the eye of the storm pass over it.

Tropical Storm Ike is also headed towards the Caribbean at 18 mph. The top winds speed of that storm is 60 mph but it is expected to strengthen before it hits Turks and Caicos Islands. Tropical Storm Josephine has winds of 40 mph and is about 125 miles south0southwest of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands. It is traveling at 15 mph and will probably make it to hurricane strength by Wednesday or Thursday However, it is not expected to make landfall at that time.

At this time it looks like Tropical Storm Josephine will still be out over the ocean as of Sunday. That means that residents that live on islands in the Atlantic and the coast of the Untied States and Mexico, may not have to worry about this particular storm. However, this is the ten tropical storm to form over the Atlantic this year. Residents of all of the coastal states and islands in the Atlantic have had to face a number of different storms. Although the casualties have been low, there have been some lives lost.

The hurricane season has proven to be an active one so far. There is little reason to believe that things will clear up any time soon. Storm continue to form on the heels of one another out in the Atlantic. The season still has a while to go and already, a very strong storm ahs forced evacuation. There is really no way of knowing when residents will be able to return to their homes.

Forecasters continue to announce the whereabouts of storms and residents continue to take cover. Living in the southeastern United States, the Bahamas or Puerto Rico has always been tough during hurricane season but it seem to be getting harder. Residents may soon face a situation where they must spend the majority of their summers away from home. Or face strong storms and ignore evacuations which are something mandatory.

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