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July 7, 2008

More Breached Levees Along Mississippi

This time the culprits are muskrats they say. Whatever caused the most recent levee to break probably is not the many concern of residents that now are being evacuated from their homes. Lincoln County, Missouri, north of St. Louis is that place that has seen the levee breached this time.

Floodwaters are rushing through the town and threatening to flood and destroy 100 homes. This is an interesting phenomenon to me. It seems that many of these towns have very few residents so the levees that were built were put in place to keep the water out of a bunch of very small towns. It seems that it might have been a better idea to let the Mississippi run where it must and have people build their lives out of the path of danger.

The river crested at 37 1/2 feet and the levee broke around 5:30 in the morning Friday. This was the last of the levees in Lincoln County and 700 hundred homes have already been damaged by floodwaters. Missouri has been tortured by these floodwaters. Bush has declared 22 counties in the state disasters areas. The National Guard is in the area and residents are working hard to try to hold the river back with sandbags.

The hope is that water levels will drop in the other places where the levels have been breached. Even so what will become of the people that have lost everything in the flood? Will they brave the chance the levees will be restored and in good enough shape to hold back future floods and rebuild in the flooded areas? People get very attached to the part of the earth that they call home. It is likely that many people will want to recover and rebuild in the areas that are now underwater.

Is the massive flooding due to global changes? Or is the Mississippi just reclaiming what was hers to begin with? The arguments vary and will continue to rage as the towns in Missouri and Tennessee work hard to rebuild. The federal funding that is now available to the counties that have been declared disaster areas will help but nothing will be able to fully repair what these people have lost.

As the climate of the world becomes less and less hospitable for humans we will have to increasingly find ways to cope. There are so many different natural disasters that can strike at the spur of the moment. We are surrounded by weather related phenomenon that can wipe out entire populations. Discovering ways to handle these shocking and amazing weather feats that are attacking the planet is difficult. There are things that are happening that we never thought would happen. The levees that were built along the Mississippi were thought to be strong enough to hold back floodwaters because no one ever thought it would get this bad. Well, it has gotten that bad proving that there is no limit to the natural disasters that can hit the earth.

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