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June 8, 2008

Moms Need To Guide Daughters In Healthy Eating

Eating disorders are a terrible affliction to have. If your mother has an eating disorder you have a much better chance of getting one than if she is a healthy eater. Studies show that women over 30 are frequently presenting eating disorders in clinics and these women often are raising a daughter that will grow up to have similar problems.

In order for daughters to have healthy eating patterns it is important for mothers to guide the cooking and eating process. I can remember preparing meals with my mother when I was a small child. My mother is not a big eater so cooking was always more fun than eating. That is not to say that eating was not good and that I did not enjoy it, because I did and I still do, but it was nor the focus. We ate because we had to but we cooked because we wanted to.

As a weight loss counselor I hear a lot of stories about huge cookie bake offs during holiday time and meals with several courses, including appetizers and desserts. This is something totally new to me. We never had dessert in my house after dinner. If we made oatmeal raisin cookies or a pie it was never part of the actual meal. It was seen as extra and it was something that some of us ate and others did not. There was never a formal dessert time in my house which is why when I do happen to dine out, dessert is never on my agenda.

10 million people in the United States suffer from anorexia and bulimia and others struggle with over eating. Many of the traits that lead to these disorders can be traced back to childhood. Having a healthy body image is so important, especially for girls who have pictures of models and movie stars constantly shoved in their faces. The expectation of being super thin is something that is weaved into the culture. Both parents play a part in healthy body image but mothers have had to deal with the fight to maintain healthy body image all of their lives. They will be more familiar with it than fathers will.

Healthy body image begins to form at a very young age. Children are always listening so it is important to be carefully about what we say around them. IF you are constantly dieting or calling yourself fat, your daughter will grow up to do the same think. Instead of yo-yo dieting and feeling negative about yourself, work hard to maintain balance in your eating habits. Your effort will be mimicked by your daughter.

Don’t call foods good or bad. Just eat high fat, high calorie foods sparingly. You can have a cookie, you just can’t have a box of cookies or several cookies everyday. Also, make treats out of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sugary processed treats such as many of the hundred calorie snack packs. Sure, there are only a hundred calories in a pack but these treats are usually filled with refined sugar and a ton of other not so great items.

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