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July 30, 2011

Miracles After China`s Earthquake Disaster

With all of the pain that is going on in China there are some stories that bring us hope. A 102 year old woman survived eight days underneath the rubble of a building. This is one of those stories that must motivate rescuers to keep digging for life even though the odds are completely against it. You just never know what life has in store and this 102 year old woman being found alive is one of beautiful surprises that are totally unexpected.

Another woman who is sixty managed to stay alive by drinking rain water. She had some facial bruises and a minor fracture but this woman was able to hold on for 195 hours before she was rescued. A few hours before that two men were pulled out from the destruction of the earthquake.

Finding life after digging out so many lifeless bodies must be something very special for rescuers. The job they are doing is perhaps one of the worse ones ever created. To be the people that are responsible for recovering people, both dead and alive, but most dead must be a stress that the majority of us can’t understand. Many of those that perished are children and nothing is more difficult than lifting up a small body that never truly got a chance to meet its potential. Yet someone must recover the dead and account for them so that there is no glint of wonderment in the hearts of their loved ones.

In other parts of China the varied ethnic groups that make up the over a billion people that live in the country are coming together. A massive crowd that gathered in Tiananmen Square for moments of silence and finished that moment up with chants of “Go, China, Go!”. Around the world we have our questions about what goes on in China, and there are human rights issues but right now we are all saying the same thing. Go, China, go you will be well again.

Chinese nationals have rushed to the aide of earthquake victims. Chinese citizens are making huge donations as well. Clothing, food and money have poured in showing extreme solidarity. It is wonderful to see the worldwide Chinese population coming together. It is also wonderful to see the world stand up and offer what it cane. China is viewed in varying ways across the world but right now they are the victims of a terrible disaster and even those of us that question some of the practices that go on in the country are pulling for a speedy recovery.

My donations are small but I felt like I had to donate something. I don’t have much to give and honestly, it could e argued that I really have nothing to spare, but I do. I still have a home, car, town all of my immediately family and scores of friends and loved ones. So many people in China have nothing right now that a simple monetary donation is nothing. I can sacrifice not buying organic this week to donate money to China.

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