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September 12, 2008

Mindy Daffern – Texas Store Clerk’s Body Identified

46 year old Mindy Daffern went to work Friday at the store her family owns in Scotland, Texas. The city which is about 130 miles from Dallas is a small northern Texas twon. She was minding the store when a man came in and robbed it.

The abduction of Mindy was caught on tape. A man walks into the store and hands Mindy a cup. She then turns around and the man points a gun at her. The unmasked man, 30 year old Wallace Bowman Jr. of Bowie, Texas was caught and held in the kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges. His bail was set at 3 million dollars and he will most likely be charged with capital murder.

The capital murder charge can now be laid because the suspect has led police to Mindy Daffern’s body. Her remains were found in a remote area close to Sunset, Texas in the next county. The family is obvious devastated by the loss of their loved one.

Not only did this man murder Daffern, after he pointed his gun at her and made her hold is cup, he took the cup back from her and took a sip from it. The surveillance video showed Daffern apparently pleading with the man not to hurt her. The gunman, who obviously is an idiot, did not wear anything to protect his face so capture was pretty simple and easy in this case.

The SUV that Bowman used to abduct Mindy Daffern in was also caught on a surveillance video. That made it very easy for police to track down the SUV and Bowman. He was 40 miles away at a motel. At that time he did not have the gun used in the crime and it has not been found yet.

The lie that Bowman tried to tell police was that he let Mindy out on a rural road. He claimed that she ran across a field and that was the last he saw of her. The police checked out the field and said that there was no reason to believe that she had been in the field at all.

As seems to be the case many times, Bowman has a criminal past. He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and was sentenced in 1997 to seven years in prison. When he was released in 2004, he failed to register as a sex offender. In 1996 Bowman was convicted for burglary and put on probation. So once again, someone that should have never had the amount of freedom that he did, ahs taken an innocent life. Surely there is a better way for us to handle criminally minded people.

Now that Bowman has escalated to murder and stolen Mindy Daffern from her family, he will probably be executed. However, the death of this man will not reverse the damage that has been done to the Daffern family. Before criminal become this dangerous, we must find a way to stop them. The death penalty does nothing to bring back the innocent people that are lost.

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