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January 27, 2011

Millions of Dollars For Failed Marriage?

So everyone has probably heard by now about the verdict in the McCartney-Mills divorce settlement. First of all, I have to wondered how the ending of a four year marriage calls for millions of dollars in compensation? I guess I just don’t understand the demand of 250 million dollars that Heather Mills was calling for in terms of damages. She claims that McCartney prevented her from furthering her career by shooting down some bra advertisements she was going to do and telling her that she could not a co-host on Larry King Live. The judge found these claims hard to believe and seemed to discredit most of the claims that Mills made. Of course, we can never truly know what went on behind closed doors and there is always two sides to every story but I hate it when people equate emotional losses in monetary value. Marriage is still sacred in my eyes and I think that the loss of a marriage would be a traumatic and devastating occurrence. While I never intend to go through a divorce, although I guess no one ever does, if I should find myself in that position, I don’t think that money would be able to soothe the loss. I would have to move on with my life and I would rebuild from the point at which I left off when I entered the marriage.

The marriage between Paul McCartney and Heather Hills took place after a long standing marriage to wife Linda McCartney who died of breast cancer in 1998. Mills, a very attractive 40 year old divorcee will be just fine with the mere 50 million that she got from the divorce settlement and she can surely continue her career. The idea that McCartney stood in the way of her advancement is very hard for me to accept after seeing how assertive she is every time she steps out of the courtroom. A marriage to a man who has lost the love of his life begins at a disadvantage. I can only imagine how miserable the days that Mills and McCartney spent together must have been. Even so, 250 million dollars? For what? For four unhappy years? Come on. Many of us have been in relationships that are more sour than sweet and some of those relationship somehow make it to marriage. You don’t get paid for that. From the start, the couple was working against the laws of human nature and even though I know that love can blind, it is every person’s responsibility to try to hold on to logic when it comes to love. Heather Mills agreed to marry Paul McCartney. There is no reason for him to pay her for accepting his proposal. She could have just as easily said “no”.

I guess what bothers me about divorce proceedings that demand large sums of money and civil law suits is that there is an assumption that money is accurate compensation for matters of the heart. The only thing that 250 millions dollars is ever sought out for is to give someone the chance to never have to worry about money for the rest of their lives. Getting a divorce is not something that should leave you set for life financially. Yes you should be compensated for the financial gains of the marriage and what was yours before should be yours afterwards. But 250 million? Come on Heather Mills, get real.

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