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November 1, 2010

My Two Rules when it Comes to Voting for Any Politician: Mid-term Election View

I’m so glad the election season is nearing the end. Now we go from the political ads to Christmas ads. But that is better. I have come up with two rules when it comes to voting for any politician.

The first rule is that if the politician runs more than two negative ads about his opponent, I don’t vote for that politician. I feel that if he or she had any good ideas (Or any ideas at all) that would be the central thrust of the campaign instead of knocking down the other guy. I think that this politician is telling us that after they get elected they will come up with something worth listening to.

The second rule I use is that I refuse to vote for anyone who has brought in politicians or celebrities from out of state to campaign for them. Bringing in outside help simply means that they are losing and are getting desperate. It also points out that to this politician, the party is more important than the people the politician is elleging to be running to help. But then, I know that most politicians have a threefold sense of priority. Their priorities are first to themselves, second to the party and a distant third is to the constituants they have pledged to serve. The crux of the matter is that most politicians believe that the average voter is too ignorant to disbelieve everything they hear especially if it comes from someone of importance.

One of the downsides to these two rules is that I end up in November with no one left to vote for. Well, there is always the state reforendums. Perhaps if everyone adopted my two rules it would make a difference in politics.

Contributed by John Smalldridge

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