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September 23, 2008

Michelle Cossey a Mom Helps Her Teen son Dillion Cossey Gather Weapons

A mother of a 14 year old boy admitted that she helped her son build a weapon cache. She bought her son a rifle with a laser scope and gunpowder but it is unclear whether or not she knew that her son was going to plan a Columbine type school shooting. The boy used the gunpowder to make grenades.

One count of child endangerment was the charge that Michele Cossey, 46 faced on Tuesday. The mother apparently supplied her son with all of these weapons because he was being bullied at school. The seventh grader was bullied over his weight and eventually was taken out of public school and had to be home schooled.

The argument that the boy’s lawyer put up for him was that violent internet sites fueled his revenge fantasies. The prosecutors said that the boy, Dillion, began to idolize the Columbine shooters and wanted to perform a similar shooting at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. The defense attorney claims that purchasing the weapons was a way to increase the boy’s self esteem. Somehow, the defense attorney, speculated, these attempts to increase Dillion’s self esteem were misinterpreted by the boy. How does buying weapons increase a child’s self esteem? How about a healthy food plan and exercise program so that the boy could feel better about himself and be healthier overall? How do weapons help self esteem?

Michelle Cossey is going to undergo a much need psychiatric evaluation before she is sentenced. She can get 31/2 to 7 years but she could also get probation of less than a year. While it is unclear whether or not this woman knew about her son’s plan to shoot a school, it seems obvious that she was the one that provided the means to the end. Surely she needs to face some type of charges for giving her son weapons.

Dillion Cossey will go into a juvenile detention center and could remain there until he is 21. The judge saw Michelle Cossey as fostering a “me-and—mom-against-the-world” attitude. This is obviously not a healthy way to raise your child. Especially when you have supplied him with an arsenal of weapons. These weapons include BB guns, a rifle, swords, knives and homemade grenades. What exactly would a kid be planning to do with these weapons besides use them at some point?

A friend that visited Dillion learned of the attack plan and alerted police. While police are not sure that there was definitely going to be a school attack, the fact that Dillion had an arsenal was enough to warrant investigation. After all of the school shootings that have taken place in the last few years, there is little room to take something like an arsenal lightly.

Michelle Cossey misses her son, her attorney says and wants to be reunited with him. However, it seems that she has a long way to go before she should be allowed to mother this child again. Clearly she has some issues that need to be worked out.

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