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December 31, 2010

Do you know what Mental Health and Illness really are?

What do people think of Mental Illness nowadays, and in the past? Well to start back in the 1800 people with a neurobiological disorder were considered to have a demon inside of them and were condemned , now days that hasn’t changed much, except in the medical field….. Doctors are now more educated and have learned why it happens. Society has still stayed on the path that the person or persons are crazy or inept. Take the exorcisms that priest still do is that normal, or just a theory? Have you ever sat and talked with a person that has a Mental illness, perhaps you have and perhaps you haven’t.

I know at first hand what its like to have had in the past a mental illness that affects your everyday life; it is not fun nor is it a good feeling. Did you know that Mental illness and Mental Heath are 2 different Issues at hand. Everyone in the World has Mental Heath, but only a percentage has a mental illness. People with a mental illness are looked at like they have no spot in this world by a lot of people, and that they are nailed to a stigma that they are sick or not acceptable in society. They are talked to differently and not accepted into some peoples life’s. Why is that? It’s because people are afraid, its because people are not educated enough in Society or is it the media ….. People with Mental illnesses are afraid to admit they have it because telling a person that they are sick, but managed arnt looked at the same way as others. Now saying that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that and treats people that way, but the majority do, and it is hard for people with a Mental illness to function in a world like that, They can have there mental illness managed but when presser is put on them like that there mental health is effected, in a way that you could never understand. Also that isn’t to say that it isn’t on the effected persons fault to control it, sure it is, but they tend to think “why what is the point I will never be accepted anyway’ so they let there hart go and just don’t care. Going into the doctor every week to have the blood test to make sure that the medication is at the right level and to make sure that it is the right one. And along with that there are a lot of side effects to it all, the fatigue, the nausea, the rashes, all that junk, then they have to take another med to counter act that, and along with that there is weight gain that happens from the medication, and that effects there appearance, so there goes the self esteem.

That in turn again, effects there mental heath. There is a stigma out there and it makes it harder for people with the illness to cope, and live everyday life, and if it wasn’t thanks to technology where would they be?…Still being considered to have a demon inside of them, Still being consider to be nuts and hiding away in there homes so as not to be condemned? … but also did you know that 75% of the population in the world has a Mental Illness and only 50% know it and will admit it, and those that do know and do admit it, go through a lot just trying to live a normal life and be happy, so the next time you come across a person that has a mental health issue, please ask yourself…..Am I educated enough to comment or to judge, and would I want to be judged on that if I was in there shoes?

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  1. honestone | Jan 7, 2008 | Reply

    This is a very broad topic that you have only touched upon. What I am picking up is that you want to discuss the way society percieves persons with disabilities. It comes close to the topic of racism. We as a society are all guilty of being a part of this problem that is well worth discussing. Mental illness, cognitive disability, as well as a huge spectrum of other disorders(for lack of a better term), are a part of everyday life that is not going to go away, and will only get better if we(society) start to change our thoughts and values of how we see persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities have been pitied, segregated(institutionalized), thought to have been deviants, and thought to be a burden on society. Some people even hold the perspective that the person would be better off dead.
    Our society needs to start to value these persons, and start to see them for the person they are. Example. Joan is bipolar. That is how we would see Joan. Which it should say, Joan has a condition of manic depression.
    Fred is wheelchair bound, rather than Fred uses a wheelchair for mobility.
    Ableism is when 2 people, one who is deemed of societies norm( a term used to mean that this individual fits into what is average for this person at this age), and one person who has a disability are applying for a position of employment. The person without the disability is given the job, although the individual with the disability may even be more qualified.
    Persons with disabilities have been taught that they are lesser than, society has labelled them. We need to recognize the disabilities, not pity them, but also recognize the strengths that the individual possesses. Society has put these labels on these individuals, and that in turn has affected the individuals in that they even see themselves as different from the norm. There are many persons trying hard to overcome the disabilities themselves, and lead fulfilling lives. Society needs to become aware of how stereotyping has affected these minority groups. Not just the persons with disabilities, the minority groups that are labelled in the same manner.
    Persons with disabilities have access to many resources within our communities, for information, education and assistance in moving toward living a life of independance and healthy physical,emotional, and mental well being. Long past are the days where persons with disabilities stay home and feel sorry for themselves, they are now able to enter the workforce and establish a sense of worth, that only leading a useful productive life can offer.

  2. Always Wondering | Jan 7, 2008 | Reply

    Well said and thank you for your comments, and input. The majority or society has become what our parents, and their parent tried so hard to avoid. There are a lot of recourses that a person with any type of disability can access. Education is the foundation of an informed and just society, the key to overcoming social inequalities. To hit on the employment part of it, qualified persons with disabilities represent a largely untapped labour source. Although some companies are already having trouble finding employees to fill their jobs, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities continues to be high. Fewer than one-third of the country’s more than 16 million working-age, non-institutionalized persons with disabilities are employed. Three-quarters of persons with disabilities currently unemployed would rather be working. Whether actual or perceived, peoples thought process of disabilities, presents an ongoing employment challenge in our society.

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