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December 11, 2008

Ways to Save on Medical Bills

Medical bills can be one of your biggest expenses. If you take prescription medications or have to visit the doctor or dentist on a regular basis, you want to save as much as possible. It can be complicated but there are ways to cut cost on health care.

The Internet is a great place to find deals on everything, including things like contact lenses. Think about it. If a company does not have to pay the overhead of having a full staff and building, they can offer much cheaper prices. This is a good way to get deals on eyewear. Look for websites that offer discount prices before spending hundreds of dollars on a box of contact lenses. Your optometrist may want to charge you twice as much for a box as the website will.

Dental costs are among the highest routine medical bills that you can get. Of course keeping your teeth healthy is very important so you don’t want to skimp on that. However, you also don’t want to end up completely broke. The best way to alleviate this problem is to take advantage of dental schools. If there is a dental school in your area, get your dental needs taken care of there. If you need something like a root canal, you could end up spending a great deal of money even if you have insurance.

Another way that medical costs can add up is through billing mistakes. Hospitals are known for messing up bills. Most people don’t take the time to review them and those that do often don’t know what to look for. There is a Patient Advocate Foundation that will go through your medical bills for free and make sure that they are correct. You might be amazed at how many mistakes are found.

Perhaps the number one way to save on medical bills is to stay as healthy as possible. Regular check ups and keeping in shape can cut medical bills significantly. Think about the costs of medical supplies for diabetics. Some people spend almost a thousand dollars on medical supplies to manage their diabetes a month. That makes avoiding this disease a good idea. Exercise and diet can help cut down on your risk for diabetes, heart disease and other chronic ailments that can seriously compromise your health.

When it comes to prescription medications ask your doctor for free samples. Doctors are always getting samples from pharmaceutical companies. Many health care providers are very sympathetic to the fact that medical treatment, especially prescriptions are very expensive. They are often willing to give them out to help alleviate some of the cost that can be incurred when getting prescriptions.

Another way to save on prescription medications is to ask for the generic versions of the drugs you take. Check with your doctor and find out if you can save by using generics. While there are a few drugs that are slightly different from the generic version, the majority of prescription generics are safe to switch to.

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