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September 6, 2008

McCain’s Chosen Vice Presidential Candidate Riddled With Issues

The surprise choice of Sarah Palin by McCain as his running mate has some flaws. First of all, Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, is the mother of five children. As a Republican family values and taking care of home first must be a key component of her life. While it may seem unfair that people are taking a look at her children and asking questions, as a Republican female candidate, this is going to happen.

Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant. This is an issue for a person that is part of a bible thumping, family values based political party. In addition to a pregnant teenage daughter, Palin also has a baby that has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many people wonder how a mother with a baby in such a condition can justify being on the campaign trial.

Now reports that Palin had aides look at her brother-in-law’s state police personnel files have come out. Information found in those files were allegedly used to raise complaints about her brother-in-law while he was the head of the state police in Alaska. There is also speculation that Palin fired her public safety commissioner in July because he did not fire Trooper Mike Wooden, Palin’s former brother-in-law. A spokesperson for McCain’s campaign said that the former brother-in-law signed a waiver that allowed his entire personnel file to be released during his divorce.

However, these types of allegations and questions about Palin could be the very ones that make her slightly undesirable as a candidate. When women as political candidates, there is a completely different set of rules that people judge them by. Just ask Hilary Clinton. She knows all too well how a woman faces a special kind of scrutiny when she runs for office.

Palin is still involved in the probe into the situation with her brother in law. Her daughter being pregnant is another issue that Republicans must deal with. Of course, Barack Obama has already said that the daughter needs to be left out of things, which is nice of him, but others will not likely see it that way. However, there is one major factor that Sarah Palin has in her corner. She is white.

In the United States of America the two most important things, in this order, are race and religion. Gender is a distant third. There will be people that will vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain, not because they have faith in them, but because they are not black. Racism is still strong and prominent in the world. No place is that more obvious than the United States. The long history of racial hatred continues but in a more overt manner. People still hate because of skin color and make decisions based on it. Barack Obama, no matter how good of a campaign will have a tough time getting into office. This election, one that should be focused on issue will instead be focused on race and gender.

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