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September 4, 2008

Mark Guardado: Hells Angel Leader Murdered in California

Mark Guardado, a 46 (or 45, according to some news sources) year old Hells Angel leader was murdered last night. He was shot outside of a bar in San Francisco’s Outer Mission neighborhood.

The Hells Angels is a legendary motorcycle gang that has chapters across North American. Their members travel widely and turn up dead in a number of different places. The chapter of the San Francisco Hells Angels is one of the oldest branches in the country of the motorcycle gang. Typically the Hells Angels have been associated with drugs and other aspects of fringe society life. Guardado, who was in a court recently facing felony charges in connection with a fight in Pertaluma last February.

Guardado is rumored to have been shot by members of a rival gang called the Mongols. They are a motorcycle gang that is based in Southern California that have a few local chapters around the San Francisco area. Police received information that shots were fired close to the intersection of 24th and Treat Avenue around 10:30 Tuesday night. Guardado reportedly suffered from at least one gun shot wound. Later on, after being taken to San Francisco General Hospital he was pronounced dead.

The suspect, who may have been from a rival gang, is said to have fled the scene on a motorcycle. Mark “Papa” Guardado was shot just a mile from the Hells Angel’s clubhouse. There is a chance that there was an altercation between Guardado and the gunman before the shooting occurred.

Although gang violence usually is directed at other gang members, there is some concern in the community about whether or not the public is safe. There is always the chance that people can be caught in the crossfire when guns are involved. Having a chapter of the Hells Angels mad about the murder of one of their beloved leaders is also not likely to sit well with other members. If this was a gang killing, the community could be in trouble. The effects of gang wars usually have innocent casualties.

The public can only stand by wan wait and see what the next move will be. Gangs operate in secret and often have grand plans of violence. However, those on the outside have no idea what is going to occur until it happens. California has had gang issues and many people have died because of them. This recent killing of a high ranking Hells Angels is sure to strike fear into everyone in the community.

The police are often unable to locate the exact perpetrator when they are investigating gang crimes. The only hope is that people that witnesses the shooting will be brave enough to make statements about it. Even then it can be hard to identify the exact person that pulled the trigger. Of course in this case, it sounds like people may have seen the person that did the shooting. Hopefully this will make catching the person easier. Of course, when dealing with gangs, putting one person behind bars is not going to end the violence.

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