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July 16, 2008

Marine Cpl. John Wimunc – Husband Charged In Holley Wimunc`s Death

The story that we all knew was coming has emerged. Holley Wimunc, 24 has been missing since a fire broke out at her apartment July 10th. Her husband, Marine Cpl. John Wimunc and another Marine, Lance Cpl. Kyle Alden were originally charged with arson. After interviews with the police they were later charged with first-degree murder.

Remains of Holley Wimunc were discovered in a shallow grave. The motive of the murder has not been mentioned yet. The divorce was reported to be amicable and the couple, as they moved towards divorce were said to still be friends. Both men were being held without bond in the Cumberland County’s jail. The death penalty is a possibility in this case.

Holley Wiminc was the mother of two small children. While police were still waiting for positive identification, it is believed that these remains are of Holley Wimunc. The burned apartment and missing person announcement last week was a ominous sign. As with other cases, this murder appears to be one that was carried out by military soldiers. Another female solider was found dead not far from Fort Bragg a few weeks ago. She too is suspected to have been murdered by a fellow officer. Megan Lynn Touma was 23 years old and seven month pregnant when she was murdered in June. Before that murder there was the murder of Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach. She too was pregnant and her charred remains were found in the back yard of U.S. Marince Cpl. Ceasar Laurean.

Not to say that military men or Marine men are prone to murder but something is going on. There are some issues that are leading these men to murder. There are many other ways to end a relationship where both parties leave without anyone being murdered. Marriages can be ended without anyone dying. Relationships can be discontinued without burning people to death.

Another thing that seems to be a recurring theme is that these women allegedly had some kind of brush of violence with these men before they died. There was the alleged rape that Lauterbach suffered. Then there is the report about Wimunc’s husband allegedly holding a gun to her head and threatening to kill himself.

The pain of the families that must see their daughters who went into the military for honor, patriotism or whatever reason murdered, must be devastating. My question is, is the military holding secrets back from the public about occurrences that may have been red flags? Were there opportunities where the military could have stopped these murders by reacting to events that happened earlier on? Hopefully we will get some answers to these questions as the investigations go on.

How can the military make things safer for women who join the armed forces? It seems as if these types of murders are on the rise. It is natural to be attracted to people that you spend a great deal of time with but female soldiers may want to tread lightly in that department. Some military romances are not having happy endings.

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