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June 11, 2008

Manuel Uribe: 700 Pound Man Fights Obesity For Love

A 43 year old man in Mexico is working hard to find a way to successfully walk down the aisle. Manuel Uribe was once over a thousand pounds two years ago but that was before he met his fiancée Claudia Solis. Claudia has helped Manuel lose 550 pounds and is helping him achieve his goal of being able to walk down the aisle with his own two feet.

Getting married is something that many people that weigh 700 pounds never get the chance to do. It seems as if Manuel has been able to maintain a positive outlook on life even though he was very much overweight. It is hard to keep your head up when you are confined to a bed but Manuel was able to meet and court a woman while not being able to leave the house.

The relationship between Manuel and Claudia may sound strange from a distance but they say they are in love and do everything that other couples do. There is something very special about a person that can love unconditionally like that. I have a good heart and love people no matter what but I don’t know if I would be able to date a man that weighed 700 pounds. Not just because he weighed that much, but because I have a very active lifestyle and I like my guy to be active with me.

However Claudia seems to be very happy with Manuel. She ahs played a major role in helping him lose the weight that he has dropped so far. Having a goal in mind has obviously helped Manuel lose more weight that he had in the past. Although 700pounds is a lot of weight, it seems that by the time he gets around 500 he should be able to maybe start to walk on his own.

Manuel is excited about getting in the Guinness Book of World records for being the world’s greatest loser of weight. Manuel has been bed ridden for the past six year. Four years ago he met Solis who is a hairdresser. Two years ago they began to date and have been enjoying all of the spoils of couple life except for those that include leaving the house. Manuel’s most recent attempt to leave the house did not go so well. His reinforced bed was caught under an underpass in the flat bed truck that was transporting it. However, that has not deterred Manuel from continuing his fight with obesity.

Manuel’s goal after he losing the weight is to educate people about obesity. He wants to help others so that they do not end up weighing over a thousand pounds. I think that his story should be a great inspiration to those that are struggling with hundred of pounds to lose. There are plenty of different options out there that can help obese people reduce their weight and keep it off. Hearing stories like Manuel’s is a great way to get the word out that obesity is beatable.

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