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July 16, 2008

Mahmoud Abbas, Nicolas Sarkozy and Ehud Olmert met together in Paris to discuss Peace In The Middle East

There is news that peace in the Middle East may be closer than ever before. A French brokered Union for the Mediterranean summit brought the Israel and Palestinian leaders together. Prisoner releases in Lebanon by Hezbollah have helped ease the tensions and it seems that peace is desired by both sides.

Mahmoud Abbas, Nicolas Sarkozy and Ehud Olmert met together in Paris, France to further discuss peace between the two sides. The Mideast peace process is one that has been in process for a very long time. Sarkozy has been has trying help bring the two sides together to work out a peace deal that will work for all involved. Without peace in this region of the world, the world is not safe.

Some of the prisoners that will be exchanged are ones that have long been held by either side. Prisoners, like Sami Kuntar, who was convicted of murdering a man in front of his four year old daughter and smashing her head against a rock, are amongst those slated to be handed over. Two of the prisoners that Hezbollah is slated to release may include two Israeli soldiers who are presumed dead.

Sarkozy brought together 43 heads of state to begin the Union for the Mediterranean. He wants to help end some of the violence tat has gripped the region for decades, Coming together and discussing issues that effect the region will help all the countries involved deal with energy issues, social concerns and other issues in a democratic manner. Sarkozy should also be praised for not shutting out countries and leaders that have not been very cooperative in the past. Instead of maintaining old judgments, he moved forward, extending the invitation to leaders throughout the Mediterranean area.

Meeting people on level ground is the key to making change. If Hezbollah is in control you can’t keep on calling them a terrorist organization. Especially when the group has shown that they are trying to protect people and make positive changes. I think that Sarkozy is doing a wonderful job of bridging gaps between governments that have never been able to see eye to eye. By showing countries that he respects them and is willing to meet and talk to them is the only way that change can come.

The hope is that other countries, like Syria and Turkey will soon be in calm, peaceful dialogue with one another. The indirect talks that have gone on so far are not enough. It is important to be in the same room with one another, to be able to looking into the eyes of the person you are trying to work things out with. Sarkozy is making strides in places that others have been highly unsuccessful in.

What would it be like to not have the threat of random violence living on the streets of Mideast countries? I hope that Sarkozy continues to bridge gaps and work with leaders that most of the world has turned its back on.

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