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October 11, 2008

Minneapolis Talk Radio Hosts Say Magic Johnson Faked AIDS

In 1991 former Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson said that he had been diagnosed with HIV. It was a shocking revelation that many expected to end the life of the NBA great. However, in a surprising turn of events, Magic Johnson has not only survived the HIV diagnosis, he has gone on to live and appear to be exceptionally healthy. It is a strange situation that many have questioned.

Two talk radio hosts, Chris Baker and Langdon Perry of KTLK in Minneapolis made remarks that indicated that Magic Johnson faked being diagnosed with HIV. Magic Johnson responded to the claims with outrage but does not want to two hosts fired. The station apologized for the comments and said that they would be reaching out to Magic Johnson in an attempt to learn more about his efforts to fight HIV/AIDS. They also said they would be running HIV/AIDS ads to keep their listeners educated on the subject.

The claim that the two radio hosts made is pretty serious. Saying that Magic Johnson faked getting HIV is a serious accusation that has a number of connotations associated with it. If Magic Johnson faked getting the disease, one of the best outcomes of the HIV epidemic would be foiled. That would mean that all of those that look up to Magic Johnson as a success story will not longer be able to use him as an example of a survivors of the disease. This would be absolutely devastating to anyone that was striving to be like Magic Johnson.

As far as Magic Johnson is concerned, he says that he is outraged. Over the years he has professed a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle regiment has awarded him with the longevity that he is experiencing. There are similar stories out there but they are less known because many of the other people that are successfully living with HIV/AIDS are not celebrities. Instead they are ordinary people that take their medications, eat properly and exercise to maintain their health. They were never basketball stars so we don’t hear about them. Magic Johnson is not the only person to live and prosper while having HIV.

As for the radio hosts that were accusing Magic Johnson of not having HIV were not listed as medical doctors or researchers. While there is plenty of information about HIV/AIDS out there, should two people who have the designation of radio hosts be making such grand statements as this? Probably not. First of all, where is their proof? The fact the Magic Johnson is still alive? That seems to be a far cry from proof that he does not have HIV. Even though Magic Johnson does not want the two fired, they should have some type of disciplinary action taken against them. I know it is a talk radio show but really, there have to be some boundaries that are not allowed to be crossed. People should get their facts before they start making statements as incriminating as these.

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