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March 6, 2011

Lori Drew: Missouri Mom`s Immaturity Contributes To Suicide

A 49 year old woman Lori Drew, from Missouri was indicted on charges that she contributed to a 13 year old girl’s death. This is a story that truly breaks my heart. Have we really stooped to this low level of playing tricks on children that don’t like our children through social networking sites? This 49 year old woman set up a MySpace profile reportedly to find out what Megan Meier was saying about her daughter. In conjunction with an unnamed co-conspirator, Drew posed as a 16 year old boy named Josh.

I find this woman appalling. She was once a 13 year old girl, as I was myself and I remember what a tumultuous time that was. Emotions ran wild and everything that happened seemed like it was the end of the world. Tears were plentiful and I was concerned about what people thought about me and if they liked me. The fact that Lori Drew would harass this young girl like this is just terrible. I can’t see any reason for someone like that to be out on the street, free to walk around and enjoy her own daughter growing up.

The made up Josh and Megan corresponded on MySpace for four weeks before Josh broke things off. After the breakup Megan was very upset and eventually hung herself in her bedroom. This young girl is dead because some adult masterminded a plot to create a phony boyfriend to bait Megan into saying something about her daughter. How petty is this 49 year old woman? My mom never got involved in the little girl bickering that went on between myself and my classmates. If things got intense, she would talk to the parents of the kid I was having a problem with. It is expected that parents are more mature than their children and that they are able to come up with better solutions than finding out what one kid is saying about another one.

Drew has been federally indicted and hopefully a lengthy sentence will be the outcome of all of this. Initially it looked like she would get off because there are really no laws that govern these types of Internet crimes. Of course, some may argue that this is a very subjective crime but we need to start having laws about these types of situations because they will be occurring more often. A few months back a friend of my came into town for the funeral of his ex-lover who moved to Florida to with someone she met online. The two had never met but somehow, this Internet romance turned into love, at least for one party. No one really knows what happened in-between the time of the suicide and the arrival in Florida but her body was found three days later. The Internet love was never identified. It is possible that the Internet love did not exist or that they misrepresented themselves.

Whatever the case may be, I think it is scary that we are having these electronic relationship going on. However, since we do, there need to be some type of regulations and laws in place for when they go terribly wrong.

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