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June 5, 2008

Lighthouse Moves Coast To Coast

Traveling from one coast of the United States is quite a feat even for a human. If you do not fly across the country you ill find yourself on a long and winding trip that will take you through numerous time zones and climates. Imagine how tedious and trying that journey would be if your were a 30 foot tall lighthouse! Now once you imagine that, think about what it would be like in 1925, a time long before many of the modern conveniences we take for granted today.

A lighthouse that has been missing, and presumed destroyed, since 1925 has turned up. The 30 foot tall lighthouse is still in standing and being used but it is no longer overlooking Wellfleet Harbor. The lighthouse moved from Massachusetts to California and no one is really sure how.

A diligent researcher found the lighthouse after searching through correspondence that chronicled the fate of the Wellfleet Harbor lighthouse. Colleen MacNeney found out that the lighthouse had been moved to Point Montara in San Francisco Bay. The lighthouse was built in 1881 and was first moved to Yerba Buena, California.

Moving the lighthouse was probably done by dismantling it piece by piece and transporting it by railway. In other parts of the world, Nova Scotia for one, people used to pulled their entire houses across ice and snow, coast to coast. However, the length of space that this lighthouse covered is much more than what one would have done by simply pulling the lighthouse. Imagining the complete dismantle and reassembly of the lighthouse is difficult but people were very patient at the time it was moved. Imagine what had to be done to construct the lighthouse and make it look the way that it did before it was taken apart.

This interesting part of history completes a fascinating story that has mystified historians in the Cape Cod region for decades. The best part of the story is that the lighthouse is still being used as a navigational tool and a hostel. Not to mention, someone had the presence of mind that this lighthouse could be useful somewhere other than it was and that it was worthwhile to move it.

This is a lesson for those that are unable to foresee a future in alternative transportation. There are many different ways to travel and get to where you need to go. It may take more time than you would like it to and the process may be tedious. However, we always have more time that we think we do and it can be done. Consider all of the effort that it took to take apart the lighthouse and put it back together. Think of all the patience that was necessary. The next time you are tapping your foot in traffic think about the lighthouse that had to wait to be taken down and carried across the country. Think about how long it must have taken to put the lighthouse back together. Was all the effort worth it? Absolutely because it is still lighting the way after more than a century of work.

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