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January 13, 2011

Life’s Obstacles ( Really Blessings In Disguise )

Have you ever gone through some trying and difficult times, moments where it seemed as if life was plotting to work against you? As if everything you touched somehow blew up in your face?

I know that I have gone through moments like this, and I’m pretty sure you or someone you know has gone through some rough patches. The fact is that everyone goes through experiences like this or similar, it’s apart of life’s unending cycle. But there is an underlying aspect that needs to be addressed here, that underneath these challenges and obstacles lays a learning lesson and at many times, a blessing in disguise.

Because so many of us become totally overwhelmed and absorbed by these shortcomings and challenges, we often miss the hidden message lying beneath this mirage of hardship. When it first came to my attention that situations and events that caused me pain, misery and discomfort were there to teach me something, I rejected the thought right away. I thought to myself, “How can something that brings me such distress, be an opportunity let alone a blessing?’’.

I was defiantly in defense mode, feeling sorry for myself and circumstances, playing the “oh woe is me”, syndrome. Little did I realize then that every single circumstance and experience I had met with resistance, taught me how to grow and expand into ways I never thought conceivable.

I realized that if you approach your challenges with an open mind, you shall uncover a secret language inherent in the many experiences that come our way. The only thing blocking our understanding and interpretation of these events is our perception of them.

You begin to read between the lines, recognizing that everything in life is interconnected, that the surface of any situation is an illusionary template that can be removed at any time( permitting you allow the veil to lift) . Beneath its glossy demeanor is a profound element that inspires us to awake from the slums we are feeling; and that is insight.

There are many stories across the world of people overcoming obstacles, rising above injustices, reclaiming there sense of self. The irony of these triumphs is that, had it not been for the struggle, they would have not found the insight, to find the strength and courage to overcome their battles.

For everything in life there is a season, for every experience there is a reason, an underlying purpose. Without the pain, we may not have been able to appreciate true joy. Without the struggle, we may not have been able to truly enjoy the ease and contentment of life.

Because our journeys are often met with a paradoxical outcome, it is our choice in how we choose to respond to them, better yet, interpret their golden meaning.

Some of my most demeaning and insulting experiences, blessed me with the power to make better choices next time, and they empowered me with the knowledge to overcome my rigid and limiting outlooks on life. In general, they helped me overcome that which I did not realize chained me to a burdening cycle.

 It was only when I had to painfully experience my departure from that which was familiar; I gained such an insightful awareness onto my life and past experiences. I realized that everything up to this point some how was an accumulation of past experiences, preparing me for my next journey. And even though I may not exactly be sure of what the future holds, I can use the past and present as a catalyst to navigate me through rough waters whatever they may be in the future.

So remember, the next time you are going through a rough patch, ask yourself “what is my lesson in this situation? What is this experience trying to tell me about myself, and ultimately how can I grow from all of this”? You can learn a lot from yourself when you begin to question what is going on. 

Written By : Jennifer  Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers 

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