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June 12, 2008

Kerstin Fritzl`s Dream Of Seeing The Ocean

Kerstin Fritzl wants to see the ocean. A girl who has just seen sunlight for the first time in her life a little over a month ago wants to see the ocean. I think if ever there was a happy ending, the Austrian incest case is it.

When we first heard about the man that had held his daughter captive for over tow decades and the constant raping and impregnation of her, we thought that there was no hope. I personally thought about all of the cases throughout history where children have not been exposed to the world and have not been able to function above a very primitive level. It hurt my heart to think of those children that had never seen sunlight and I was bracing myself for the stories of how they would never function well in this world.

However as the days and the initial shock wore off, reports about Elisabeth Fritzl and her children that had never been outside of the cellar that their father/grandfather held them in, and my hope increased. Once I heard the children were functional and wanted to see more of the world and that Elisabeth had managed to love them in spite of the terrible way that she had conceived them, my heart threatened to burst with happiness. Now, the story has become in more joyous. The girl that led her family to discovery and was in a coma for the past month or so is going to make a full recovery.

I want to see Josef Fritzl pay for what he as done but really, it does not matter what happens to him now. He is a monster that has been defeated by the shine of hope that is coming from his former captives. His family, wife included, have come together and they seem determined to make it through this terrible thing. Kerstin is just barely out of her coma and she is talking about seeing the ocean. I think we can all learn something for the Fritzl’s.

If you can be held in a dungeon for 19 years, be so sickly that you need to be put into a coma and come out of it talking about moving forward in life, you are a very special person. After all that has been taken from Kirsten she seems to be looking ahead towards the future instead of dwelling on all she’s missed in life. This is the way that I want to always look at life, like a steady current, instead of a stalled stream. You can never replace what you’ve lost in life but you can always strive for more. Loss is a part of life unfortunately but so is gain. There is so much that we can have if we do not concentrate on what has not gone well for us and just think about what we want to go well in the future. Kirsten Fritzl could be in shock or profoundly depressed at what she has lost, but she has not known any life other than that she had in the cellar. Now she see that there is so much more and instead of worrying about why life has just presented these opportunities to her, she is picking out the things she wants to do. That is the way to live life.

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  1. Pat | Jun 19, 2008 | Reply

    This is a wonderful story! I love a story with a happy ending, and this is the best one I have seen in a long time. Many women (unfortunately, I know some) find it hard to fully love a child who reminds them of the jerk/SOB who was the child’s father, and if anyone ever fit this description, it would be Elisabeth, yet her strength and love for her children has saved them.

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