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June 30, 2008

Kayne West Should Get A Blogger

So Kanye West had some troubles at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. He apparently was almost two hours late for his performance and was booed by fans. To show how upset he was about the show West posted a statement on his blog saying “I’m most offended I’ve ever been”. Well, now I am offended that this man that makes millions of dollars can not purchase Hooked On Phonics and learn a little bit about the English language.

I understand that the guy is a rapper and that he is upset about the way that fans reacted to him at Bonnaroo. There was no speech made in his defense and Pearl Jam, who performed before west, played an hour longer than they were supposed to. However, that does not open up the door for the bad writing that West left on his blog. No he does not have to an English major or anything like that, but surely he should know that the string of words he put together on his blog did not go together. I know that he could spare a few bucks to pay a blogger who has a decent level of English to work from.

This is why I hate to hear people say that they admire singers or rappers or any entertainer that does nothing but entertain. Making music and dancing around on stage is not a reason for you to be admired. If you admire Kayne West then it is cool that he can not write or articulate his sentences properly. Why should you go to school and get a good strong education when West is out there making millions even though he has an elementary mastery of the English language?

I do feel bad that the crowd was no informed about the troubles that were happening with setting up the show. I think that someone should have told the crowd that it was not his fault for being so late. Fans are temperamental as it is and many of the people at Bonnaroo were probably not die hard Kayne West fans and were staying up to check out the artist out of curiosity. Being almost two hours later for a show is a terrible first impression for one to make. However, there were better ways to state his discontent.

My I suggest Mr. West that you find yourself someone that can string together a decent sentence. You are a rapper, I know, but that does not mean you have to live up to the stereotype that rappers are not intelligent. I will give West the benefit of that doubt. Maybe his blog is written in poor language so that fans will say, “hey, that’s the way that Kayne talks” but do you really want to be known for being inarticulate? Why not represent yourself as a talented artist that makes music and is also intelligent? Let the world know that you are offended, but also intelligent, with a decent sentence. If you can’t put it together, spend a few dollars and find someone who can.

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