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May 18, 2008

Joseph Fritzl Shares More Of His Grizzly Thoughts

Joseph Fritzl truly is a monster and he seems to not really be aware of that fact. It seems that the 73 years old man who held his daughter captive for 24 years and fathered seven children with her through repeated rapes, claims to not be a monster. In addition to his claims of not being a monster he notes that he could have killed them and no one would have known. He also thinks that he deserves credit for taking them food and setting up provisions that would have freed them in case of his death.

Fritzl continues to try to “clear” his name because he does not like the way the media is portraying him. He says that if he had not acted Kerstin would not be alive. However what he seems unable to take into account is that the girl is suffer from an incest induced form of epilepsy and should have been under medical care long before she made it to the hospital. Not to mention, if he were not her father and grandfather she would not be having these medical problems because she would not be product of incest.

While all of these comments that Fritzl is making may be his attempt to show his insanity, I don’t think his trick is going to work. It seems to me that Fritzl is displaying sanity clearly by making these comments and wanting to clear up ideas about him. I think it is his intense arrogance that is shining through, not mental illness. Fritzl’s attorney ought to be shamed for seeking an insanity plea for Fritzl. He says that Fritzl needs to be in a hospital, not a prison. I understand that attorneys must represent their clients to the best of their ability but laws can be conducted with morality. There is no way that Fritzl should be declared insane and in my opinion, there is no rehabilitation for this monster. If it were up to me, the man would swing from the gallows.

Fritzl has used a number of ridiculous excuses for his behavior. First it was Elisabeth no longer obeyed him and she was drinking and partying so he wanted to save her. He neglects to point out the he started raping her when she was a preteen and that sexual abuse may have contributed to her embracing drinking and partying. Then it was hte Nazi’s that caused him to turn into the disgusting person that he is. Well, Fritzl would have been a very small child at the time that Nazi Germany was overtaken so that excuse does not fly either. Fritzl is a controlling sexual deviant that carried out a very controlled system of abuse that lasted for more than two decades. There is nothing insane about that. What Fritzl did was sick but I do not think it falls into the category of insanity at all. Of course to most of us it sound unthinkable and insane and the acts are, but the person that committed them are not.

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