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May 13, 2008

Joseph Fritlz Has Classic Abuser Attitude

Joseph Fritlz says that he did the best he could for his family that he kept in the cellar. He doesn’t like the way that the media is portraying him as a monster so he is granting interviews and trying to clear up the confusion. I guess that his thinking is that he can make the world understand why he did what he did to his daughter Elisabeth and the children that he fathered with her. I hope that his lunacy and attempt to act like he is insane does not win him some type of insanity plea.

Abusers do not see the world through logical eyes. They are self centered and controlling and tend to attribute the wrongs they commit to the people that they abuse. Fritlz says that Elisabeth stopped obeying him so he locked her in the cellar. He took his family their favorite foods and ate dinner with them, like a family, he says. And he also wanted the world to know that he is not a pedophile. He took care of his family as best he could, he claims in statements but I do not believe that Fritlz ever thought that what he was doing was right. I think that he could only see things in terms of how they benefited his grizzly needs but that is not proof that someone is insane. It just means that they have some type of personality disorder.

People that abuse others often can not see that they have created a terrible pain for the people they’ve abused. Not because they do not understand that abusing someone hurts them, but because the see the person they are abusing as some type of object. Elisabeth was like property for Fritlz and as she grew up and became her own person, Fritlz could not stand to see her be free from his reign of terror.

I think that Austrian officials are allowing Fritlz to hang himself with the incriminating information he is giving to interviewers. However, these interviews he wants to give freely, are probably being given because he is so incredibly arrogant, he thinks that he will be able to clear his name in some way. There have been some cold blooded killers that insist on representing themselves in court even though the cases against them are staggering. The killers think that they are so sly and cunning that they can get themselves off. I think that Joseph Fritlz is trying to do something like that for himself.

I don’t know if abusers can ever be rehabilitated. I have a natural repulsion to people that hurt children so I tend to air on the side of locking them up forever. In my eyes Fritlz is an extreme abuser and deserves the ultimate punishment but even that will not be enough for what he has done. Sexual abuse is not something that any justice system has an apt punishment for and the type of systematic abuse that Fritlz committed against his family deserves the strictest punishment possible. He can not be rehabilitated and he has taken away so much from his children. I believe that death is the only answer for this monster.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Bernadette Byrns | May 23, 2008 | Reply

    He should be in a dungeon, tortured & left with a rope. This is sick.

  2. anakris | Jun 5, 2008 | Reply

    Sociopaths like Joseph Fritzl are not as uncommon as people may believe. Statistically each and everyone of us probably knows one and interacts with him/her on a regular basis. But it is all a matter of degree in how sick that person may be and how much they let their sociopathic tendencies rule their lives. We have come a long way in recognizing mental illness ie. depression, schizophrenia etc. but we are very ignorant with regard to recognizing personality disorders like Fritzl’s. Two things that should always raise a red flag is chronic lying and lack of empathy or feeling for other people. But how often to we overlook these red flags especially if the person is a friend, lover, or family member?

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