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February 5, 2009

Joseph Edward Duncan: Another Convicted Pedophile Turned Murderer

A convicted pedophile tortured and killed a 9 year old boy in front of his sister. His reason for killing the boy was that after accidentally shooting Dylan Groene in the stomach with a shot gun, there was no hope of saving him. However a doctor has stated that the boy possibly could have been saved. The gun shot to the abdomen would have caused him extreme pain but he could have been saved after receiving medical attention.

The monster that committed this crime is Joseph Edward Duncan III. Now the courts are trying to figure out if the man should get the death penalty. The sister of the young boy who was murdered, Shasta, reported that her brother’s “guts” were hanging out. The doctor said that even though the situation looked dire, the boy’s life may have been salvageable.

The perpetrator, Joseph Edward Duncan III has pleaded guilty to 10 federal counts of kidnapping and the murder of the boy in 2005. Duncan kidnapped the children after he bludgeoned their mother Brenda Groene and their 13 year old brother Slade to death. The mother’s fiancé, Mark McKenzie was also murdered by Duncan. Shasta, who was eight at the time, was raped and forced to perform sex acts with her brother. Duncan, who represented himself tried to make a case on the idea that Shasta was too traumatized to not exaggerate what happened to her and her brother. This idiot basically made a case against himself by stated that the child was severely traumatized. Not to mention that expert witnesses attested to the fact that once children reach eight years old they tend not to exaggerate such happenings.

This story has a familiar ring to it. Joseph Edward Duncan III had a long rap sheet. Had been convicted of crimes that ranged from car theft to rape and molestation. Still he was out and about in the world and able to prey on more people. He is also suspected in the slayings of his two half sisters and is charged with murdering a young boy in Riverside County, California. Why was this man out on the street? What court system allowed him to walk free after the convictions he had acquired? An entire family was destroyed because this monster was on the street.

I have heard astounding numbers of executions take place in China. People are disturbed by the amount of executions as am I. However we can not afford to be too lenient on criminals. Our relaxed legal system has allowed too many repeat offenders to get back on the street and hurt more people. This family did not deserve to have this happen to them. Think of the mental damage that has been done to Shasta, the survivor of this terrible attack. What type of mental help ill be necessary to help this little girl live any type of decent life? The loss of her family and the violence that Duncan committed against her will never fade. This man has no place on the earth.

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