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June 11, 2008

More Pieces To Austrian Josef Fritzl Incest Case

Kerstin Fritzl is finally able to exist outside of her induced coma. The 19 year old girl is the main reason why Elisabeth Fritzl and her two other children were discovered in the cellar where Josef Fritzl held them captive.

Waking up from the induced comas was probably pretty scary for Kerstin. I am sure that they brought her out of it slowly but when she began to grasp what was happening, I am sure that she was rather confused. Before Kerstin was taken to the hospital she had not been outside in her life. What would it be like to be 19 and have never seen the outdoors before?

Josef Fritzl’s custody has been extended and he ahs confessed that he held his daughter Elisabeth captive and raped her repeatedly over the years. Kerstin is the oldest of the children that were born to Elisabeth and her father Josef. It will be good for the other children to be able to interact with Kerstin. Up to this point the other children, their mother and grandmother have been bonding and healing one another. Kerstin who suffered great physical damage from being held captive will now be able to deal with the emotional damage.

The police have come out and said that Josef Fritzl did not have an accomplice and he worked alone. The police seem to be at a loss as to how to handle this guy. There have not been any crimes like this before so the best way to deal with it is not clear. Now that Kerstin is out of a coma, more details as to what happened in the cellar will come out.

Kerstin is one of the three Fritzl children that remained in the cellar with Elisabeth. Josef Fritzl said that the three children that lived above ground with him and his wife were ther because they were fragile babies. It is not clear why Kerstin was not taken above ground since she was obviously fragile as well. Perhaps she will be able to provide information that will lead to clues as to why she remained in the cellar.

I was shocked to find out that Josef and his wife Rosemarie had other children. Why would he pick Elisabeth to lock up? Why were the other children not more suspicious of hwat their father was telling them about Elisabeth? It seems like in a larger family, I would think that certain siblings would be closer than others. Was Elisabeth just not close to her family? The questions seem to continue to mount with the passing weeks.

Josef Fritzl will likely try to plead insanity. There are plenty of people that commit crimes that are insane but Fritzl is not one of them. He is clearly a sick man but he is not crazy. His need to control and dominate his daughter both physically and mentally just grew out control. Even though he is 73 there need to be proper punishment dealt out to this monster. He should never see another day of freedom in his life.

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