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May 20, 2008

Josef Fritzl`s Victims Thrive In Their New Found Freedom

It seems that the human spirit has truly prevailed in the horrify Fritzl case. The children, three of whom had not seen daylight until recently appear to be finding their way through life with a positive outlook. The children who were held captive with their mother Elisabeth Fritzl have made colorful posters to send their gratitude to the people of Amstetten for their support.

Even though Kirsten is still hospitalized she appears to be hanging on and making some progress. The other children are discovering new and exciting things about life that they could not have found living in a cellar. The family is together for the first time and it seems like the glue that bounds a family is already in place in spite of the terrible situations.

The family will remain at the Amstetten-Mauer clinic for many more months. The therapy they receive will be centered around reintroductions to the world and one another. The fact that there is so much space to move around in is also something that Elisabeth and the children that were in the cellar will have to get used to. For now they are housed in an area of the clinic that has a shelter that they can retreat to when they see the need.

The crimes that Josef Fritzl committed against his daughter and his other children that are simultaneously his grandchildren, are unimaginable. Surely there were means to end her life while she sat in the cellar waiting for her father to rape her but Elisabeth held on and cared for her children. Her love for them was so strong that these children that had never known anything but cellar life seem to be ready to one day live out in the world. The fact that they are educated and loved enough to function at the level they are is remarkable.

While the terror of Josef Fritzl is undeniable, the strength and beauty of his daughter and her children is obvious. If Elisabeth and her children could survive and come out of their ordeal with hope than our problems, most of which will seem pretty trivial in comparison should not get us down. The goodness of this story that begins on such a horrible note is evident in the way that the survivors have begun to come to terms with what happened. The road to recovery will be long and the scars will linger for many years to come but the fact that they are taking on the challenge of learning to live again is beautiful.

One of the sons that had never seen the light of day before took a ride in a car and found it exhilarating. Elisabeth embraced her mother after all those years in the cellar when many of us are wondering why Rosemarie did not search harder for her daughter. I guess that when something as endless as living in a cellar for 24 years is over you don’t really think about the particulars. You just are glad for what you have

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  1. Ghislain Tremblay | Jun 27, 2008 | Reply

    I like to help elect Elisabeth the mother of the 20th centurty.
    What that women has achieved under unbelieable contition est remarquable! Just the fact that found time to teach her kids to speak, reas and write is already an unbelieable achiement!
    Bravo and you’re quite a women Lissy!!!! !

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