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July 14, 2008

JonBenet Ramsey Closer to Justice

Over a decade ago, a little girl who had been turned into a youthful beauty queen was murdered. She was raped and killed and found in her home. Her killer is still out there in the world. After years of searching for the man that murdered her, investigators have break or sorts in the case.

First of all, it has now been proven that her relatives did not murder her. A great relief to them I am sure. Now the DNA that has been collected from the crime scene can be entered in the DNA database that has 5 million offenders’ DNA in it. If JonBenet’s killer has had any other encounters with the law the little girl’s killer could be caught. Of course all of this will take time and there are no guarantees that her killer has committed other crimes.

John Ramsey, JonBenet’s father found her strangled and bludgeoned to death in the basement of their home in Colorado the day after Christmas. There was a ransom note, according to her mother Patsy Ramey, asking for 118,000 for the return of the little girl. There was some suspicion cast on the family, include their son Burke who was nine at the time. There was confession in 2006, a few months after JonBenet’s mother died, form John Mark Karr, an American teacher in Thailand. Evidence did not support his claim and he was released.

The DNA break came finally after long underwear with a few drops of blood on it was turned over to the Bode Technology Group near Washington. There were just a few skin cells on the underwear but that was enough for the lab to use. Bode Technology Group has been using “touch DNA” testing for a few years now. They were able to get DNA for the few invisible cells.

This could mean justice for this child that was so brutally murdered. The fact that her killer has been on the run for this long is very tragic. Anyone that would take an innocent life like that is sure to have the urge to do it again. This predator, wherever he might be is putting children everywhere in danger. Hopefully the process of identifying this monster will be faster than anticipated.

Colorado has a database of 86,662 DNA profiles which is where the hunt will begin. Once Colorado’s database is exhausted, other states will be checked. A person like this probably would want to stay on the move. Hopefully he has not murdered or hurt anyone else.

How prevalent is this desire to hurt children? With all of the sex abuse cases and child murder cases that are popping up in the world, I ma very curious to know how much of the population feels these urges? Is this an illness or something else? It just seems so unthinkable that anyone would harm children especially in the ways in which these crimes are carried out. What drives these forces and what can we do to put a stop to the prevalence of predators?

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