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January 31, 2011

Jonathan Roy – Taking Things A Little Too Far

So I love a good fight in a hockey game. I enjoy the physical part of the game but I am not a fan of brawls or goaltender fights. I did not see the game between the Chicoutimi Sagueneens and the Quebec Remparts but I did see Jonathan Roy beat the crap out of the other goaltender. Now, like I said before, I don’t mind a good scrap every now and then, but to race down the ice and challenge a guy who is clearly staying out of the fighting, is not the way to go.

Patrick Roy was one of the most intense competitors I’ve ever seen play hockey. He was one of the people that made me start to love the defensive side of hockey. Goaltenders and defensemen were the people I admired and Patrick Roy was at the top of that list. Of course, with intensity there comes a fire that can quickly turn into rage. I understand that and respect that greatness often comes with a temper and a desire to expect nothing less than the best every time you play. I’ve seen Patrick Roy fight and I will admit, I was not unhappy to see the matches that Roy took part. Well, the ones that I saw, the other goaltender was willing to participate and these fights were in the NHL.

Jonathan Roy is in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and the guy he was fighting, Bobby Nadeau was not interested in fighting. The way that Roy went up to the guy and pushed him around and punched him was not fun or exciting. Instead, it was sad. These are the types of incidents that fuel the no fighting arguments. Unnecessary violence has no place in the game and it is important to have some respect for hockey and your fellow players, opposition and teammates alike.

The other part of this whole situation that bothers me is that Roy’s apology did not address the person that deserved one the most. Bobby Nadeau is a fellow hockey player and person and he deserves some type of a personal apology from Roy. As a player, when you do something like speed down the ice to attack another player who wants no part of the fight, you need to say something to the guy. No it wasn’t nice or sportsmanlike to give the fans the middle finger or say naughty things in front of cameras but c’mon, the guy who got the worst of it was Nadeau. Give him some respect and apologize.

It will be very interesting to see what comes of this situation. Today I heard it mentioned that fighting in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League might be banned. As always, I don’t think that banning fighting is the way to fix senseless violence. So, anyone remember when the Chicoutimi Sagueneens fans shouted racial slurs at Ted Nolan when he was coaching in the QMJHL? How about the incident with the Rempart’s bus not being allowed to leave because Chicoutimi fans were blocking it? I am not saying that Jonathan Roy was right, because he wasn’t, but I am saying that something is going on in Chicoutimi. Being rivals is one thing, hating is a totally different story.

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