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September 16, 2008

John McCain’s Vice President Pick Sarah Palin Refuses To Cooperate With Probe

It is a bad sign when a vice presidential hopeful is refusing to cooperate with a probe into possible wrongdoings. What that tells the public is that this person is either guilty or very paranoid. Sarah Palin has accused the Democratic party of fueling the fire behind the investigation into the firing of her public safety commissioner. Palin, who was under investigation before she was chosen as the Republican vice president nominee, is now saying the supporters of Barack Obama are tainting the legislative investigation.

According to one of Palin’s aides, the case has been hijacked by Democrats. This seems to be a very convenient excuse to help Palin escape what could be a huge blow to her creditability. However, her refusal to go cooperate only makes her look that much more guilty.

Meg Stapleton, Sarah Palin’s former press secretary told reporters that “Obama operatives” hijacked the power probe. Senator Hollis French, in particular is being singled out even though he has denied that he has done any work on behalf of Obama. Spokespeople for McCain also have stated that Palin will not cooperate with an investigation that is being “tainted and run by partisan individuals who have a predetermined conclusion”. Sounds like guilty talk.

Palin claims that she fired her former public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan because of budget issues. However, it is suspected that Monegan may have been fired because he refused to fire Palin’s ex-brother-in-law who was a state trooper. Palin’s sister was embroiled in a heated custody battle with her ex-husband at the time. While Monegan admits that there was never a direct request that he fire Trooper Mike Wooten, he says that he could feel pressure from Palin to relieve the man of his duties. After Monegan was fired he was offered a position as executive director of the Alcohol Beverage and Control Board, as position he turned down.

The investigation was commissioned in July on a bipartisan basis. The state Personnel Board is supposed to be in charge. They met on Thursday and considered Plain’s request. Her husband, however, was subpoenaed.

E-mails that Palin sent to Monegan saying that her father was threatened by Wooten have been released to the public. Palin says that Monegan’s firing was the result of follies when it came to budgeting. There is also an alleged trip to Washington that was unauthorized that forced Palin’s hand in firing the commissioner, according to her aide.

It seems like this issue is based on a bunch of he says, she says information. The truth of the matter seems to be buried far below the surface. Finding out exactly who is telling the truth will be difficult. By stating that she will not cooperate with the investigation, Palin is making a complicated, yet petty case more difficult. It seems that if she was being honest she would just like the facts come out and not be worried about it. Who cares who is pushing the investigation if you are telling the truth?

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