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July 14, 2008

Jesse Jackson Should Get A Life

The stupid comments made by Jesse Jackson show nothing but his great envy and jealousy of Barack Obama. Barack Obama has a way of talking to everyone. Not just black people and many public figures do not like that. Instead they want the presidential hopeful to talk to only black people. Jesse Jackson’s comments that Barack Obama talks down t black people is completely absurd.

One of the things that I love about Barack Obama is that he realizes that the agenda of one race s the agenda of the other. You must be one homogeneous unit to make any decent changes. Spreading people out into races and religious does nothing but further complicate the American identity crisis. If the United Sates could ever come together and think of itself as a homogeneous unit, some progress could be made. As countries around the world leave the United States behind in socially, technologically and spiritually, people are still trying to find ways to separate everyone out. I am absolutely appalled by Jesse Jackson’ s remarked and think that he should get a life.

One of the reasons why I think that Barack Obama is a great candidate for president is because he is bi-racial. Not only that, his father is from Africa, opposed to the United States which, I think, at this point is a good thing. He can not turn his back on either side of his heritage. He has to think of people in terms of people, in addition to them being different.

The Untied States has a twisted history when it comes to race. One of the worst things about race in the United States is that a large majority of people, regardless as to what race they are, live up to the stereotypes that have been put out before them. I commend Obama for being a bigger man and working hard to see the world through eyes, not “black” eyes.

As for Jesse Jackson, he is the politician of the past. Barack Obama is the politician of the future. Someone who knows that has been played up in this country to tear people apart. It is time to be people. Not various groups of people. That does mean leaving behind traditions and histories. Instead it means understanding that everyone has a history and a tradition and none mean more or less than the other ones.

Jackson has apologized for the remarks which were picked up on a microphone he thought was off. Jackson was on the “Situation Room” a CNN stalk show when he said “See, Barack’s been talking down to black people….I want to cut his nuts off.” First of all, come on Jesse, have something more intelligent to say than that. I know that Jesse Jackson is smarter than that. Second of all, what are the examples of Obama talking down to black people? I don’t really recall him really addressing black people specifically in his campaign. Of course, I could have missed it but pretty much the guy has been talking about the country in general. He’s done some regionalism talk but racial talks, I haven’t caught those.

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  1. Joseph | Jul 14, 2008 | Reply

    Barack Obama was specifically talking about the need for Black fathers and people in the Black community to “take responsibility.” He originally said it at a Black church and said it again to the NAACP more recently.

    You talk about the need to not talk directly to one race, but that’s exactly what Barack was doing. He was condemning one group of people as “irresponsible,” feeding into the stereotype that many Black people are poor because they deserve to be.

    The reality is that poverty is something that is incredibly complex that goes far beyond “individual responsibility.” The most obvious way policy helps to make poverty cyclical is to look at the disparity in educational quality. People who live in low income communities go to poorly-funded schools since schools are partially funded by local property taxes as well as volunteer parent organizations like the PTA.

    I may not have agreed with Jesse Jackson’s vulgarity, but is he completely wrong in saying that Barack Obama talked down to Black people? I don’t think so.

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