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August 29, 2009

IvyBot – four Forex professional trading robots into one pacakage – An active Forex trader’s review

With the successful review of Forex Auto Trading system and eToro Forex platform articles I thought it would be a good time to find something new. I went and spent money on few tools and the one that captured my attention is IvyBot Forex Auto Trading system.

IvyBot is a professional Forex trading robot that combines four individual tools into one. All four are powerful enough individually but when you combine all four together, I definitely would call it “fantastic four” of Forex auto trading system.

Those who use auto trading system can vogue that it is very time consuming to learn and also you must know what you are doing. IvyBot, I found a bit different. Easy to learn and for any troubles you run into, I was able to get the help I needed from their help desk.

When I look for a Forex Trading Robot I look for few things such as:

  1. Is it easy to learn?
  2. Is it easy to implement?
  3. What about getting the help I need?
  4. Can I start with little amount of money?
  5. Money back guarantee?
  6. Is it too good to be true?

As you can see, I am as optimistic as you are. Before I spend a dollar I would think twice. After finding this IvyBot tool, I was impressed. Because I found that the system is easy to learn, easy to implement, help is at your finger tip, I started with $50, 60 day money back guarantee, and  it sounded too good to be true but I took the risk and got the result I was looking for. It is great for newbie and great for experts as well. I have fulltime job so there is no way I could afford to leave that for this auto robot, but after implementing IvyBot for Forex trading, I am earning substantial amount of supplemental income. It is no gimmick. You could start the system and initiate a trade at night while you sleep and in the morning you will see you are in the profit. System will adjust itself to make you the profit. You can do the same before going to work and after you comeback you will have money in your account. How great is that?

As a trader you know that, the market constantly change. IvyBot is intuitive enough to recognize not only the major changes in the market but also the minor change which in turn makes intelligent decision for you and generating you profit. Their back tests are amazing and it is current. Some of the features I have found very attractive are as follows:

  1. IvyBot has automated risk scaling algorithm in place – meaning it detects market changes and adjust the trade accordingly. That is the best part.
  2. IvyBot has high spread protection logic built in – which means when market fluctuates a lot, system can detect it automatically and takes protective measures stop your loss.
  3. Easy install – even though there are 4 tools in IvyBot still I found it to be very easy to install and configure.
  4. IvyBot can trade multiple currencies – unlike other Forex trading bots those deal with one pair, it can deal with multiple currency pairs at the same time.
  5. Built in loss prevention – IvyBot’s logic can detect market changes and prevents you from losing money.

So for the price of one Forex Auto Trading system you get 4 trading system if you purchase IvyBot. You will spend at least $80 on other tools those are outdated but with this you will have 4 tools and all are new and tested. On top of that if you don’t like it you can always get your money back within 60 days.

I would recommend IvyBot Forex Trading System – Four in One to anyone. If anyone has any comments or experience they would like to share please share. Good luck on your tradings.

Update from 2010:

I have been trading on forex for over 6 years now. I thought I would share some of the resources I have used to make stead profits in Forex.

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  1. IvyGuy | Aug 31, 2009 | Reply

    Hey thanks for the post and review. I like your site because its honest. I was looking to find something on IvyBot but all seems to be marketing gimmick, that is why I like yours. I tried it out and seriously it is working. I also look for all the pointers you made in your article before trying out anything new on forex such as is it easy to learn? It was easy to learn thats for sure. I also like the money back option. Goodluck anyone who wants to try.

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