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January 20, 2011

International Women’s Day Celebration

Today marks a very significant and important journey for women everywhere in the world. Today marks the annual celebration of women who have impacted our societies, women who have overcome struggle and adversary and to all women who have stood up for equal and just rights for self expression. This is not a time to overlook the advancements we have made as women; it’s a time to reflect and celebrate our triumphs over past limitations.

It’s obvious that there have been many restrictions placed on a women’s ability to perform in equal relation to that of her male counterpart. Whether it’s in the workplace, sports, or any activity deemed masculine in nature- women have been threatened with the notion that it is not possible for us to measure up with the standard of today.
But many women have broken that standard and actually have superseded it’s rigid design. Women are now being placed in positions of power and decision making, opening the doors of opportunity for other women to make their mark in the world.

The professional field has felt a boom in the accomplishments of rising women everywhere, from the navy to the courtroom, from outer space to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. These kinds of titles were unheard of in the past; they were swept under the carpet in a hush, in hopes that women would always be chained to a domestic life.

When you ponder upon what women actually go through, it gives you a sense of respect and admiration. From single mothers rising three kids, trying to juggle a career; to independent minded women trying to find recognition in a male dominated work field. Women are rising up and taking back the power that has been so malevolently suppressed throughout the centuries.

This day is not just about women, but the acceptance of all individuals- regardless of race, gender, sexual preference and the array of other discriminations that taint our societies today. We as human beings need to see past the illusionary coat of differences and see that we are all the same underneath and International Women’s Day mark the courage women have attained from overcoming the many stereotypes and discriminations that have compromised the image of a woman.

As a woman, this day reflects to me my own self discovery of my innate power. A power I thought I lacked many years ago. But I stand here empowered from the knowledge that anything I set out to accomplish, I am fully capable of achieving. That when I link my passions and desires together, anything is possible- regardless whether I’m a woman, man or child. It’s our human strength and perseverance that is a huge determinant in succeeding your dreams.

I believe that in the coming decade there will be a remarkable shift in the world. A re-emergence of feminine energy will resituate its place back into this world. A balance will be brought with both masculine and feminine energies. Time can only tell what will become of this, but I do know for certain there will be a remarkable shift in the pereption of women and more importantly how we shape the future.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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