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August 14, 2011

Interesting Message Comes Out of Hezbollah

Hezbollah does not want to control Lebanon or force their religion on anyone according too the leader of the group. This is good news since a few weeks ago certain neighborhoods in Lebanon were engulfed in violence. Hassan Nasrallah told supporters that Lebanon is a pluralistic country and that co-existence was the only way they would survive as a nation.

The message was welcomed and hopefully it is true. Peace in any parts of the Middle East is idea. Lebanon could set an example for other nations in the region to follow. Hassan Nasrallah’s message to Lebanon was one that encouraged peace and the use of arms to obtain political goals is something that Nasrallah says Hezbollah will not do.

Even though Hezbollah is thought to be a terrorist group by some, a message of this kind makes it seem like the country is trying to head in the right direction. Lebanon is a country of diverse religious backgrounds and co-existence is necessary for it to remain a functioning nation.

This was the first addressing of the nation that Nasrallah has done since a bullet riddle siege of several neighborhoods in Beirut. The government had to agree to giving more power to the Shia Muslim in the country’s political policies. Nasrallah reaffirmed that the Doha agreement, which sates that arms will not be used to reach political goals, is still in effect.

Hopefully this will keep violence at bay and the citizens of Lebanon will be able to live without the threat of violence for political aims. 65 people perished in the violence a few weeks ago. Hezbollah can not allow Lebanese to be murdered in the name of political advancement.

The Middle East and violence have gone hand in hand for centuries. I have always been confused by all of the violence that takes place in a land marked with so many religious and historical structures. Co-existence is what is needed throughout the Middle East. There is no reason why the believers of the three major monotheistic religious can not live side by side. Does your neighbor necessarily have to be a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian because you are? This need to separate for others because of these slight, little differences is silly. Maybe Lebanon can help to set an example for the rest of the middle East.

These announcements came on the anniversary of Israel’s pull out from Lebanon. There is no reason why peace can not be a part of life in Lebanon. The Israel occupation is over and it is time to put the guns away. No one should have to be worried about being machine gunned down in their neighborhood just because. If there are changes that need to be made then negotiations should take place. Not shootouts that leave innocent people dead. A change in the way that politics is carried out has to happen in order for the Middle East to become a safe part of the world. Hopefully Lebanon’s days of being a war zone are over.

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