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January 20, 2011

Improve Your Life With Positive Thinking

It is easy to be negative in this world. There are times that my mood plunges because of a stressful day at work or some horrible news story that I’ve read. With murders, natural disasters and wars being commonplace in our society, positivity can get lost in the shuffle. However, fighting through those negative feelings can be well worth your time. Make your life better by being as positive as you can.

I’ve written about my writing career and how I’ve had to fight for it over the years. While I have always been motivated to pursue my writing career there were times when I considered leaving it behind for more profitable pastures. One of the things that really helped me was reading The Secret a book that has become very popular because of its theory of how thinking can transform your life. The Secret is filled with stories about people who have overcome negative thoughts to reach their goals in life. The stories in the book range from people that want to be millionaires to a man who survived a plane crash and was told that he would never walk again. All of the stories are powerful and moving and demonstrate how believing something can make it happen.

Positive thinking really can have a major effect on the course of your life. The Secret is built around the idea that whatever we think about we become. Once again I use my writing as an example of something in my life that I had to believe before it came true. When I started saying, “I am a writer” opposed to “I want to be a writer”, things changed in my life. For one, I started to take more time to write and when I was writing, it was no longer optional. I began to schedule certain times in the day when I was going to write and I did it. I was as diligent about writing as I was about my other job. Before I started making writing a priority, I would allow people to interrupt my writing time or I would end up doing something other than writing. Now writing is a no brainer and I write for a few hours everyday.

As a weight loss counselor positive thinking is extremely important. My clients that come in and say, “I’m losing thirty pounds,” lose the thirty pounds. Every week we set a goal about the amount of weight they want to lose or the number of days they will workout. Sometimes clients are struggling with emotional eating and they set a goal to find other coping mechanism the next time they are stressed out. If the client believes that they can accomplish the goal they do. If they are on the fence and they are saying, “Uh….I really want to lose thirty pounds,” or “I think I will be able to workout three days next week, “the goal typically does not get reached. They have to truly believe that this goal is attainable or else they will not make it.

The power of positive thinking and The Secret may seem farfetched but the best way to test out a philosophy is to try it out. The Secret suggests that you tell the Universe what you want, believe that you can have that thing and make it happen. There is no magic trick or lie involved, just believe in your goals with unwavering faith and make them reality.

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