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February 25, 2011

Idaho Teacher Tosses Student`s Mexican Flag In Garbage

A student that brought his Mexican flag to school in honor of Cinco De Mayo had the flag taken and thrown in the garbage by a teacher. The teacher allegedly told the student that they were in the United States, not Mexico. The teacher of course says that he took the flag to help protect the student sot that white students did not hurt him for having the flag. The misunderstanding was blame on the fact that the student does not understand English that well. Likely story.

In the United States there is this superiority complex that exist among a fairly large portion of the population. If you hail from certain parts of Europe, like say Ireland, Scotland or Italy, your cool. You can wave your flag and celebrate the holidays that you enjoy and everyone will join in with you. Do you know how many Irish flags I saw on St. Patrick’s Day? Do you know what type of celebrations go on in the name of St. Patrick Day? I take part in St. Patrick Day, not because of my Irish great-great grandfather, but because it is an excuse to go out and have a good time with my friends.

On May 5th I celebrated Cinco De Mayo because it was an excuse for me to have a margarita and hang out with friends. In a country that is supposed to be a melting pot or a tossed salad or whatever it is supposed to be, why not enjoy everyone’s holidays? And why not let those that come here from other countries celebrate their holidays and let’s join in, heck a celebration is a celebration. I’m not Mexican but I have friends that are Mexican and they were celebrating so I celebrated with them.

So the student is talking about suing the teacher, which doesn’t really solve anything. Even if the student wins a lawsuit what will this do to change the climate in America? Money never fixes racism and it will not change the way that the teacher feels about the Mexican flag or Mexicans in America. Don’t use racism as a get rich quick scheme. Instead, get the word out and try to educate others. Tell people why Cinco De Mayo is a holiday and why it is celebrated it. Racism is not solved by handing out payments. Something else needs to be done to help stop the ignorance.

The school board is working to investigate the incidence. At this time it seems that a decision about the teacher’s job has not been made. Some students were reported to be wearing Mexican flag colors the next day in protest. Hopefully the school board will be able to come up with resolutions and the student body will not become divided over the issue. One day we may be able to live up to our reputation of being a place for everyone to live and prosper. Until then, we live with the constant threat of racial incidences popping up.

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