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February 22, 2011

Hunt Continues For Information On `Sarah` At YFZ Ranch

Since April rd investigators have been looking for Sarah, a teenage girl who allegedly has been living at the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saint YFZ ranch in Texas. A call came from the ranch from a young girl who was being raped and beaten by her fifty year old husband. Since April 3rd the ranch has been ransacked and 416 children have been removed from the compound. Some of the teenage girls are already pregnant and the smaller girls appear to be in preparation for the same fate.

Warren Jeffs, the sects’ leader who is in prison was a hot topic in the southwestern United States for many years. He was accused and convicted of being an accomplice to rape and was sentenced to a life sentence a few years ago. Jeffs is the prophet and leader of the sect and formed the splinter group which the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints has no affiliation with.

Some of the controversial tenements of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints are polygamy and the child brides. The Mormons have worked hard to distance themselves from the Fundamentalist that have a separate interpretation of the Book of Mormon. There have been stories of fundamentalist setting up camp throughout parts of the southwest in Arizona, Texas and Utah for many years now. Texas authorities said that they did not know that children were being married off to grown men at the ranch until the raid. Now that the children have been removed from the camp it seems that no one is really sure what to do next.

There is a bed in the temple where young women allegedly have to consummate their marriages with their much older husbands. It seems that returning children to a camp where such things take place would be wrong. However, where should the children go? There is that tricky freedom of religion idea that makes all of this just a little bit harder. Of course, endangering the well being of others can not be excused in the name of religion but really, what should be done about the 416 children that have been taken from the camp?

There are never any easy answering when it comes to child abuse. Not to mention, when you are dealing with a community as large as the FYZ camp, it is hard to prove that there was abuse in every family. Now that the charge against the man that was accused of abuse have been dropped, what will happen now?

Sarah her still not been identified. Apparently there are four girls that fit her description. Perhaps because there are only four investigators will be able to get the right girl to admit that she made the call. Even if they do, what will happen to the other 415 children from YFZ Ranch? What will happen to the parents that were raising their children in YFZ Ranch? What type of charges can or need to be made? There are just no easy answers with this case.

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  1. Wes | May 12, 2008 | Reply

    I feel this case has not been handle properly.

    First, should we have to wait until some child ends up in a hospital? Do we need to waste time gathering evidence? These are MEN for God’s sake! They are evil, disgusting beings which have no right to be in contact with children. Clearly these thugs must have employed terrorism to keep those poor women in captivity. Why else would they stay with these lame dirt farmers? Stop wasting taxpayer money over some Constitutional details! I say, “send the FLDS evil-doers to Guantanamo Bay!”

    Second, my heart goes out to those FLDS mothers who have never had an opportunity to enjoy the blessings of being a single mother. These poor debt-free women deserve a chance to make their own financial decisions. Tear down that obscene family ranch, and disgusting temple of lust! Build proper, landscaped condos, financed with sub-prime mortgages. Teach the women how to fill out income tax forms. Get them good paying jobs to support their familes at the local fast-food restaurants.

    Finally, these children need a chance to have a normal life. Use the separation from their parents to let them discover: iPods, MTV, tatoos, soda, DVD’s, MySpace, video games, beer-pong, and Pop-tarts. Protect the girls with condoms, pills, and information about abortions. Give them access to sex education demos on the Internet.

    If this is done, CPS will have done it’s job, in my opnion.

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