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June 12, 2008

Hulk Hogan: America`s Fallen Hero

Not only has Hulk Hogan’s ugly words about a kid that his son left in a coma been aired all over the news, now his wife is saying he should be jailed. I am really, really ashamed to say that as a child I watched Hulk Hogan and thought that he was a good guy. Of course, over the years I have realized that the World wrestling Federation was a big fake and Hogan was just a created persona, it is still sad to see how low he has fallen.

The glamour and gleam of the Hogan’s life was shown on television is a really stupid reality television show. I never actually saw the thing, but I occasionally saw commercials for it. It was your typical blonde, bimbo type show, and that includes Hogan, where a family with a lot of money goes through really silly trials and tribulations. However, now that things have gotten very serious and disturbing, the truth about Hogan has come out.

The first bad apple in the Hogan world was Hogan’s’ son. His son got drunk and had a car accident that left a friend in terrible shape. Linda and Hulk Hogan’s son has been serving time in jail for this crime and several tapes of both Hogan and his wife talking about how their son should not be in jail have been played in the media. Apparently the Hogan’s think that their son is innocent and that his passenger was somehow responsible for the accident.

Now the messy divorce between Hogan and his wife has hit the media. Hogan’s wife says that he is not making his share of the payments on their 4.2 million Las Vegas condo. Linda is requesting that Hogan be put into the same jail as his son due to non payment.

All I want to know is do these people have any really problems? Their son has landed a self induced jail sentence that the mortgage on their 4.2 million condo needs to be paid. I mean, come on. Who really cares? These people have lived in the lap of luxury because Hulk Hogan had a wrestling career in a phony sport that has now dubbed itself sports entertainment? What type of a world as we living in?

I find it highly disturbing that a person like Hulk Hogan can find pots of money and fame from a phony wrestling career. The other thing that I find disgusting is that at one time Hogan was a role model. He was supposed to be one of the good guys and even after I was sure that wrestling was phony, I still thought he meant all of that stuff about saying your prayers and taking your vitamins. Of course as an adult I know that actors are not heroes and should not be looked up to, but it still bugs me that he billed himself as someone that he totally is not. I hope that children in the world find real role models that have actually done something worthwhile.

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