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February 26, 2011

Huge Sink Hole In Texas Spreads At A Rapid Pace

If you aren’t freaked out enough about the weather that has been circulating around the world lately, here is a geological scare to add to those ill feelings about the planet. There is a sink hole in a Texas oil town that has spread at a rapid pace. This sink hole has swallowed oil tanks, a ton of cars and anything else that was in the way of it expanding.

The 260 feet deep sink hole is also 900 feet wide. As of yesterday, geologist stated that it may be full but can not be sure that the area around it is stable. The cause of the sinkhole has not been clearly determined yet but geologist have two working theories. Texas is home to a good amount of oil drilling. Oil drilling could have contributed to the sink hole but this could also be a natural occurrence. The neighborhood where the sink hole is located on a salt dome that was created over millions of years. The gathering of oil brine and natural gasses may have been disturbed by groundwater that seeped into it and dissolved some of salt dome.

A sink hole can be completely natural. As long as it is in a seclude area it is nothing to worry about but there are families that live just a few hundred feet from the thing. This is making residents of the areas very nervous. Although the sink hole is thought to be full there is really no way of tell that for sure at this point. This may just be another natural occurrence that humans have very little to do with. However, if this sink hole is a product of some oil refinery negligence, it would be another case of humans causing the earth troubles. Of course, whenever we cause the earth trouble, it gives it right back to us in the form of catastrophic weather or other phenomenon.

Over the past few days there have been a number of natural disasters around the world. It seems that the state of the earth is increasingly becoming one of the main topics on news shows. There was a minor earthquake in the Midwestern part of the United States a few weeks ago, a part of the country that is not really familiar with the ground shaking. There was a terrible cyclone in Myanmar last week and tornado are ripping apart the southeastern United States on what seems like a daily basis at this point. Take notice of what is happening to the earth around you. See what you can do to improve the state of the world that we call home. After all, it is the only place that we have to live right now.

Hopefully the sink hole is finished devouring and it is just a natural occurrence that could not have been avoided. However, if the sink hole was caused by the negligence of some oil company more stringent regulations need to be passed down. Sometimes it takes something like a huge sink hole in the middle of your neighborhood for you to realize that the earth needs us to stand up for it.

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