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February 6, 2008

How do you celebrate your Birthday?

We all know that once a year something magical takes place, for some this is a day to ignore, for others it’s a celebration of life. What I am referring to is our birthdays. Once a year we gain access into the growing pains we simply call age. We can age gracefully or age drastically; it all depends upon how we look at it.

Some people remark that after the big 30, you simply treat birthdays as another ordinary day, yet others turning the big 90 find a lifetime of experiences to be grateful for. Perhaps it’s a matter of phases. My birthday is coming up tomorrow, February 7, 2008, officially I will be turning 23(Chinese new year); which is why I felt so compelled to write this article.

I feel that with each year, we have the opportunity to not only celebrate our growing process, but to also thank those who brought us into the world; our mothers& fathers.With each passing year, many of us remark upon the grey hairs we fine pick in the mirror, the back aches we feel in the morning, the absence of our acute memory bank.

But how many of us celebrate our actual growth. How many of us say, “Gee, I really grew this year, I was able to expand beyond all of my preconceived ideas and really soar. Man I went through some rough patches but they enabled me to become the stronger person I am today”.

How many of us empower our sense of self on our birthdays? How many of you out there cringe at the sound of “ happy birthday”, or request no one give you gifts or mention it’s your birthday. Or how about partying it up so much you forget the reason your celebrating( I’m guilty of that one), or have no one to celebrate with?

The fine line comes down to this: you are celebrating the process of your growth, regardless of how painful or delightful it has been, it’s important to take the time to appreciate yourself. Appreciate the fact that you have lived to see yet another beautiful day, that you’re still breathing and that you still have an opportunity to experience the many delights your life has to offer.

A birthday is not just about growing old or parting it up or ignoring the day altogether; it has a deeper purpose- to reflect the journey you have made, and the adventure that still awaits. The fact I can be so positive about ageing is not because I’m a young punk, as my co-workers would say, rather I have watched others age with delight simply because they knew the treasures of growing wiser .

 I think with every approaching year we have the challenge of evaluating ourselves truthfully yet gently. We need to uncover what it means to be human, what it means to be us. Every year we spend crying over how old were getting, is time wasted on the inevitable.

 Modern society has viewed aging as a sinful task to be avoided at all costs, but really what are we avoiding? Its only natural we shift and grow, it’s always better to flow with the tide than against the cycles of Mother Nature.So how do you celebrate that remarkable day which is your birthday- hopefully with cheer, insight and prosperity!

Take an authentic inventory of your life and the legacy you will be leaving. Inspire yourself to do new things this year, reach beyond your security blanket and create what you desire- by blowing out all of your birthday candles unconditionally !

Happy Birthday


Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka TruthWhisphers

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