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September 7, 2008

How Do Evangelicals Really Feel About Sarah Palin?

John McCain is a strange Republican candidate. First of all, he seems a little off kilter and a tad bit liberal, as he told us himself, by mistake a few months ago. His surprise choice of Sarah Palin has left many quiet, if not silent.

McCain has repeatedly been said to have an Evangelical problem. George W. Bush, the unrelenting, backwards thinking former Republican candidate was an evangelical favorite. McCain has not been able to live up to that billing for a number of reasons. Number one, Bush has become highly unfavorable amongst everyone in the United States that is not evangelical. That means that aligning himself with Bush would alienate him from the American public. Also, McCain has already stated liberal views on a number of topics during his political career. That means that he can not take them back now that he is running for president.

Palin is a good candidate for evangelicals because she is completely opposed to abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger. Abortion is the chief component of the evangelical movement it seems. Abortion is the key issue that this group of people seem to based their entire political belief system on. However, the more moderate Republicans and swing voters may not be as impressed with Palin. Speculation that she tried to ban a few books when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska is something that educated Republicans are probably going to frown upon. Or maybe, Palin’s decision to use her line-item veto as Governor cut funding for shelter in Alaska that services teenage mothers, an issue that her own daughter is dealing with right now, might be unattractive.

The problem with Palin, and a number of overzealous, extreme right wing Republicans is that everything is black and white until it comes to their own dirty laundry. So, if you are okay with cutting funding for a shelter that helps teenage moms and your daughter is pregnant, does that mean that it is okay to be a pregnant teenager if you have money? If you are a teenage mom and you are poor, fend for yourself? Some might argue that you need to have your own house in order before you start banning books.

Palin is going to miss the young evangelicals that are educated and know that global warming is not just the wrath of God. The vice presidential candidate does not think that global warming is man made. She instead ahs some far fetched religious crock as to why the earthy is imploding. Anyone with any common sense is going to be able to see right through that.

Let’s give McCain credit though. His foggy religious affiliations are a problem for him as a Republican. He knew that he needed a religious zealot on his side so he picked Sarah Palin. However, he should have tried to go with a religious zealot that was not a hypocrite. Palin is not properly walking the walk of a Republican. Or maybe she is. The hypocrisy of right wing Republicans is never ending.

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