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December 1, 2008

Horrible Casualty – Krzysztof Kasztelewiczs

A horrible casualty happened here in Toronto. On November 14, near Dover court and Argyle Ave a taxi hit a 36-year-old man named Krzysztof Kasztelewiczs. Apparently, an altercation broke out between Kasztelewicz and a cabbie. The incident ended when the cabbie drove his cab into the man sending him into a hydro pole and crushing his leg. The cab driver then fled the scene.

The young man described his pain during the accident. “It took all I had to hold my leg on and scream at the top of my lungs”! He went on to say that he wished he was dead and not in the hospital and that he wishes the driver had done a better job and finished him off!” The incident is really hitting the family hard especially Kasztelewiczs mother. She said she never expected that. She thought maybe he had some broken bones but when she saw what happened she broke down.

Thanks to help coming in from the public the driver was identified and from talking to him and the public many charges have been laid. 38-year-old Sultan Ahmed is charged with criminal negligence and assault with a weapon. The weapon in this case being his vehicle. He was scheduled to appear in court. Poor Krzysztof cannot really remember the events of the 2:00a.m.attack. He remembers lying on the ground and swearing at the cabbie. They both exchanged words but Kasztelewiczs backed off when he realized the other man was much larger.

The next thing he remembered was hearing gears and shifting while riding behind the cab and then darkness! Then he was grabbing for his leg and screaming while holding the upper thigh tightly. There was nothing else to hold. The rest of his leg was lying six meters away! He remembers fountains of blood and crying out for help. The most excruciating thing is that Krzysztof is a great athlete. He is a martial artist, volleyball player and swimmer. He also has to look for a new job because he cannot bounce at the nightclub he worked at anymore.

This is truly a horrifying accident. It could have been avoided. What kind of person would do this to another human being? I do not believe they are real people and have no respect for human life. This man should be locked up with no hope of parole!

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