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July 11, 2008

Hitler Waxwork Decapitated

Well, we all knew that this story was coming. On the day that the Adolph Hitler waxwork debuted at Madame Tussauds wax museum the head was ripped off. Is the museum did not see that coming then they were fooling themselves. I think it is important o remember that there are still people out there that spent time in concentration camps, had experiments done on them and lost loved ones to Hitler’s terrible schemes. Having a wax liken of him in a museum in Germany is really, really a bad idea.

The 41 year old man rushed into the museum and headed straight for the exhibit Saturday. He had a brief scuffle with a guard and manager but eventually made it through to tear the head off of the figurine. The man was arrested and there is talk of charging him with different things such as injuring the guard and causing damages but couldn’t all of this have been avoided?

Of course it could have. You can not put a likeness of Adolph Hitler in a wax museum in Germany along side people like Albert Einstein. It is in bad taste and it is inappropriate. I realize that the museum is based on London and has a likeness of Hitler in London but London had a much different experience with Hitler. Germans elected Hitler and he began unleashing his terror long before the world decided to notice. There are wounds there that will never heal. Not to mention, there are still some that adhere to his agenda. With that being the case, those old wounds are reopened every time there is a story about Nazis committing a crime or spreading their propaganda.

Of course the argument that the museum put up was that they showed Hitler in his sullen, defeated days. Just before he committed suicide. Hitler did play a huge part in the history of Germany and of the world and we can not ever forget his legacy, I agree, but I don’t know how I feel about a wax figurine of him. It is hard to look in the face of such a figurine and not get chills down your spine. What does it do to those that were directly effected by Hitler?

The museum has not made a decision as to what it will do about the Hitler wax figure. They will make a decision later on about whether or not it will reappear. I don’t like the fact that there is a wax figure of Hitler in the museum but the point that the museum makes is accurate. Hitler did play a huge part in German history and it can not be ignored. Depicting him in the days before his death is an interesting take and I suppose, if he must be there, the best way to do it. However, like I stated before, Hitler strikes great fear in my heart and I was not directly effected by him. If there are people out there that just can not stand to see his likeness, I think we have to respect them.

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